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15 Golf Trip Tips for the Non-Golfers

Are you a non-golfer getting dragged into a golf trip? Fear not! The fact that someone in your travel group will be golfing can only mean one thing: great weather. Because of this, a multitude of opportunities awaits you. Whether you’re an inside person, outside person, introvert or extrovert, we have some awesome ideas for you to kill time while your golfer is out on the course.

Here are 15 tips and things to do for non-golfers stuck on a “golf” trip:

1 – Take advantage of the weather.

If you’re on a golf trip, it’s almost a guarantee that there will be good weather. Nobody plans a golf trip to a destination where they know it will be cold, raining, snowing, or otherwise. Take advantage of the sunshine by doing your favorite outdoor activity. Whether that be going for a hike or jumping out of an airplane, the weather is sure to be favorable for you either way.

2 – Go shopping.

Your golfer is spending hundreds of dollars on tee times, caddies, balls, beers, and the cart girl’s college fund so why not live a little yourself? Shopping is a great way to kill time while you’re waiting for your golfer to finish their round.

3 – Explore local historical sites and museums.

Being something that your golfer likely has no interest in, you will save them the fear of missing out if you choose this option. Take plenty of pictures and videos so you can share your experience with your golfer later after their round.

4 – Daydrink.

To ensure you’re on the same level as your golfer when they return from their round, start drinking as soon as they leave for the course. (A word of caution if you have plans later in the evening: leave time for a nap!)


5 – Do something sporty.

Again, take advantage of the weather! Take a walk, go for a hike, or rent a bike. Maybe there are tennis courts nearby? Or perhaps a gym? Are you staying near a large body of water? Check out the watersports your area has to offer! You can wave to your golfer from your jetski.

6 – Hit the pool.

A solid go-to for any and all non-golfers. The pool is a great place to make new non-golfing friends! There’s also a good chance that after a long round of golf, your golfer will want to join you at the pool too. Be a doll and save them a lounge chair.

7 – Bring a book.

You know that book you’ve been trying to read for the past few months but can’t seem to find the time? Well now you have it! An entire morning (or afternoon) all to yourself. Picture your feet up, a cup of coffee (or glass of wine), and pure relaxation.

8 – Find a spa.

Speaking of relaxation, take some time to yourself! Can’t go wrong with a massage. Or maybe a facial? Nails? Hair? Whatever your little heart desires, you have 4-5 hours all to yourself to do what you wish. If you’re staying at any type of golf resort, you likely won’t have to go far – most golf resorts have full service salons and spas on site.

9 – Invite other friends who don’t golf.

If alone-time isn’t your jam, bring along another non-golfing buddy to explore the area (or daydrink) with.

10 Make new friends.

You won’t be the only vacationer who got dragged into a golf trip. Whether at a beach, pool, museum, park, bar, or otherwise, you should easily be able to find new friends to spend time with while your golfer is on the links.

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11 – Meet your golfer on the 19th hole.

Golfers often like to sit down for a drink at the clubhouse to unwind after their round. Have your golfer give you a heads up as to when they’ll be finished so you can join them, or better yet – surprise them by being there with a margarita waiting for them when they pull up after 18. This sets the stage for a great rest of your evening!

12 – Get a golf lesson.

You’re at a golf course with 4-5 hours to kill, what better way to use your time than to learn to golf yourself? Obviously the person (or people) you’re with enjoy golfing – maybe you will too! What do you have to lose?

13 – Just go with them!

Walk or ride. Play or don’t. Maybe just putt? Doesn’t matter – go out and spend some quality time. Golf courses are often beautiful, breathtaking places and the company itself is more important than the game. Whether you decide to hit the little white ball or not, don’t miss out!

14 – Ask your golfer to tee off early so you still have most of the day together.

If your golfer tees off at 7am, they can easily be finished by noon. The later the tee time, the greater the risk of slow play. The slower the play, the more your golfer will drink. The more your golfer drinks, the less likely it is for them to want to do anything besides nap after their round. The earlier the tee time, the better! You can enjoy sleeping in while they scramble to the first tee.

15 – HOT TIP: Use their golf bag for extra space while packing.

Can’t fit all of the shoes you want to bring into your luggage? No worries. When traveling with a golfer, you can always find extra space in their golf bag!

There is no shortage of ways for non-golfers to have fun on a golf trip. In fact, you might end up having more fun than your golfer. If this happens, downplay how much fun you had to your golfer. Your golfer may end up getting FOMO (fear of missing out) and at the end of the day, everybody should enjoy their “golf” trip!

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