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Tiger Woods

The Year That Was for Tiger Woods

2013 will be remembered as the year that saw Tiger Woods finally return to form after news of his infidelity broke in late 2009. His first win on the PGA Tour came in January 2013 at the Farmers Insurance Open. This was the seventh time Woods has taken the honors at the Open and the first since 2008.

After winning the Arnold Palmer invitational for an eighth time, Woods continued to quickly amass wins in the early part of the year. He moved back to the top of the world rankings. His season stalled somewhat when an elbow injury required that Woods take a break from the game. Though wins dried up in this period, it is worth noting that for the first time in a while, a physical problem rather than an issue with his mindset caused the interruption in his game.

Even so, Woods gained more PGA Tour points than any other golfer this year. Henrik Stenson was only marginally behind while Adam Scott, ranked number two, trailed by more than 100 points.

There are also signs that Woods is moving on his personal life. In March, around the same time of year that Woods was in his best form, he announced that he and American World Cup alpine ski racer, Lindsey Vonn, had begun dating. The announcement is demonstrative of something bigger in itself; Woods is once again happy to share information about his private life. Another indicator of an improved mental state perhaps? Vonn has continued to appear at several events throughout 2013.

Tiger Woods will enter 2014 as the number one ranked player in the world (11.69), ahead of Adam Scott (9.60) and Henrik Stenson (9.16). With a clearly improved mindset and no real indications of a diminished physical capacity, 2014 could be a year filled with even greater triumph for Tiger on the course and off the course.

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