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Gloria Serenity 2 Rounds

Gloria Serenity 2 Rounds package include 5 or 7 nights all-inclusive special accommodations in superior rooms with 2 rounds golf on Gloria golf complex.  The all-inclusive special concept also includes food and beverages on the Clubhouse menu. 

Additional golf on any other course in the area, shorter – longer stays, non-golfer prices and other room types are available on request.

Pounds Sterling
01.05.202111.05.20215Gloria Golf Courses934817
01.05.202111.05.20217Gloria Golf Courses12361081
12.05.202128.05.20215Gloria Golf Courses1006880
12.05.202128.05.20217Gloria Golf Courses13361169
29.05.202120.06.20215Gloria Golf Courses1054922
29.05.202120.06.20217Gloria Golf Courses14201242
21.06.202118.07.20215Gloria Golf Courses1134992
21.06.202118.07.20217Gloria Golf Courses15321340
19.07.202122.08.20215Gloria Golf Courses11741027
19.07.202122.08.20217Gloria Golf Courses15881389
23.08.202119.09.20215Gloria Golf Courses1134992
23.08.202119.09.20217Gloria Golf Courses15321340
20.09.202130.09.20215Gloria Golf Courses924809
20.09.202130.09.20217Gloria Golf Courses12261072
01.10.202110.10.20215Gloria Golf Courses934817
01.10.202110.10.20217Gloria Golf Courses12361081
11.10.202131.10.20215Gloria Golf Courses830726
11.10.202131.10.20217Gloria Golf Courses1090954
01.11.202121.11.20215Gloria Golf Courses660578
01.11.202121.11.20217Gloria Golf Courses856749
22.11.202130.11.20215Gloria Golf Courses580508
22.11.202130.11.20217Gloria Golf Courses744651
01.12.202128.12.20215Gloria Golf Courses550481
01.12.202128.12.20217Gloria Golf Courses714625
29.12.202105.01.20225Gloria Golf Courses650569
29.12.202105.01.20227Gloria Golf Courses854747
06.01.202228.02.20225Gloria Golf Courses550481
06.01.202228.02.20227Gloria Golf Courses714625
01.03.202213.03.20225Gloria Golf Courses660578
01.03.202213.03.20227Gloria Golf Courses856749
14.03.202231.03.20225Gloria Golf Courses680595
14.03.202231.03.20227Gloria Golf Courses884774
29.05.202120.06.20215Gloria Golf Courses954835
29.05.202120.06.20217Gloria Golf Courses12881127
21.06.202118.07.20215Gloria Golf Courses1034905
21.06.202118.07.20217Gloria Golf Courses14001225
19.07.202122.08.20215Gloria Golf Courses1066933
19.07.202122.08.20217Gloria Golf Courses14441264
23.08.202119.09.20215Gloria Golf Courses1034905
23.08.202119.09.20217Gloria Golf Courses14001225
20.09.202130.09.20215Gloria Golf Courses836732
20.09.202130.09.20217Gloria Golf Courses1112973
01.10.202110.10.20215Gloria Golf Courses846740
01.10.202110.10.20217Gloria Golf Courses1122982
11.10.202131.10.20215Gloria Golf Courses750656
11.10.202131.10.20217Gloria Golf Courses988864
01.11.202121.11.20215Gloria Golf Courses592518
01.11.202121.11.20217Gloria Golf Courses770674
22.11.202130.11.20215Gloria Golf Courses520455
22.11.202130.11.20217Gloria Golf Courses670586
01.12.202128.12.20215Gloria Golf Courses494432
01.12.202128.12.20217Gloria Golf Courses644563
29.12.202105.01.20225Gloria Golf Courses582509
29.12.202105.01.20227Gloria Golf Courses767671
06.01.202228.02.20225Gloria Golf Courses494432
06.01.202228.02.20227Gloria Golf Courses644563
01.03.202213.03.20225Gloria Golf Courses592518
01.03.202213.03.20227Gloria Golf Courses770674
14.03.202231.03.20225Gloria Golf Courses608532
14.03.202231.03.20227Gloria Golf Courses793694

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Gloria Serenity Resort Packages

Gloria Serenity Resort
5, 7Nights
2 Rounds
from 550 €
Gloria Serenity 2 Rounds
Gloria Serenity Golf Resort 2 Rounds golf package include 5 or 7 nights all-inclusive special accommodation and 2 rounds golf on the Gloria golf courses.
Gloria Serenity Resort
10, 7Nights
4 Rounds
from 844 €
Gloria Serenity 4 Rounds
Gloria Serenity Golf Resort 4 Rounds golf package include 7 or 10 nights all-inclusive special accommodation and 4 rounds golf on the Gloria golf courses.
Gloria Serenity Resort
12, 14Nights
6 Rounds
from 1354 €
Gloria Serenity 6 Rounds
Gloria Serenity Golf Resort 6 Rounds golf package include 12 or 14 nights all-inclusive special accommodation and 6 rounds golf on the Gloria golf courses.
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