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Gloria Verde 2 Rounds

Gloria Verde 2 Rounds package includes 5 or 7 nights all-inclusive special accommodations in superior rooms with 2 rounds golf on Gloria golf complex.  The all-inclusive special concept also includes food and beverages on the Clubhouse menu. 

Additional golf on any other course in the area, shorter – longer stays, non-golfer prices and other room types are available on request.

Pounds Sterling
19.07.202122.08.20215Gloria Golf Courses934817
19.07.202122.08.20217Gloria Golf Courses12521095
23.08.202119.09.20215Gloria Golf Courses902789
23.08.202119.09.20217Gloria Golf Courses12071056
20.09.202130.09.20215Gloria Golf Courses740648
20.09.202130.09.20217Gloria Golf Courses968847
01.10.202110.10.20215Gloria Golf Courses750656
01.10.202110.10.20217Gloria Golf Courses978856
11.10.202131.10.20215Gloria Golf Courses670586
11.10.202131.10.20217Gloria Golf Courses866758
01.11.202121.11.20215Gloria Golf Courses540473
01.11.202121.11.20217Gloria Golf Courses688602
22.11.202130.11.20215Gloria Golf Courses500438
22.11.202130.11.20217Gloria Golf Courses632553
01.12.202128.12.20215Gloria Golf Courses470411
01.12.202128.12.20217Gloria Golf Courses602527
29.12.202105.01.20225Gloria Golf Courses530464
29.12.202105.01.20227Gloria Golf Courses686600
06.01.202228.02.20225Gloria Golf Courses470411
06.01.202228.02.20227Gloria Golf Courses602527
01.03.202213.03.20225Gloria Golf Courses540473
01.03.202213.03.20227Gloria Golf Courses688602
14.03.202231.03.20225Gloria Golf Courses560490
14.03.202231.03.20227Gloria Golf Courses716627
19.07.202122.08.20215Gloria Golf Courses850744
19.07.202122.08.20217Gloria Golf Courses1142999
23.08.202119.09.20215Gloria Golf Courses818716
23.08.202119.09.20217Gloria Golf Courses1097960
20.09.202130.09.20215Gloria Golf Courses668585
20.09.202130.09.20217Gloria Golf Courses877767
01.10.202110.10.20215Gloria Golf Courses678593
01.10.202110.10.20217Gloria Golf Courses887776
11.10.202131.10.20215Gloria Golf Courses606530
11.10.202131.10.20217Gloria Golf Courses786688
01.11.202121.11.20215Gloria Golf Courses494432
01.11.202121.11.20217Gloria Golf Courses629551
22.11.202130.11.20215Gloria Golf Courses458401
22.11.202130.11.20217Gloria Golf Courses579506
01.12.202128.12.20215Gloria Golf Courses432378
01.12.202128.12.20217Gloria Golf Courses553484
29.12.202105.01.20225Gloria Golf Courses484424
29.12.202105.01.20227Gloria Golf Courses626547
06.01.202228.02.20225Gloria Golf Courses432378
06.01.202228.02.20227Gloria Golf Courses553484
01.03.202213.03.20225Gloria Golf Courses494432
01.03.202213.03.20227Gloria Golf Courses629551
14.03.202231.03.20225Gloria Golf Courses510446
14.03.202231.03.20227Gloria Golf Courses652570

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Gloria Verde Resort & Spa Packages

Gloria Verde Resort & Spa
5, 7Nights
2 Rounds
from 470 €
Gloria Verde 2 Rounds
Gloria Verde Golf & Spa 2 Rounds golf package include 5 or 7 nights all-inclusive special accommodation and 2 rounds golf on the Gloria golf courses.
Gloria Verde Resort & Spa
10, 7Nights
4 Rounds
from 732 €
Gloria Verde 4 Rounds
Gloria Verde Golf & Spa 4 Rounds golf package include 7 or 10 nights all-inclusive special accommodation and 4 rounds golf on the Gloria golf courses.
Gloria Verde Resort & Spa
12, 14Nights
6 Rounds
from 1162 €
Gloria Verde 6 Rounds
Gloria Verde Golf & Spa 6 Rounds golf package include 12 or 14 nights all-inclusive special accommodation and 6 rounds golf on the Gloria golf courses.
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