Gloria Verde Resort Standard Room

Gloria Verde 6 Rounds

Gloria Verde 6 Rounds package includes 12 or 14 nights all-inclusive special accommodations in standard rooms with 6 rounds golf on Gloria golf complex.  The all-inclusive special concept also includes food and beverages on the Clubhouse menu. 

Additional golf on any other course in the area, shorter – longer stays, non-golfer prices and other room types are available on request.

Pounds Sterling
19.07.202122.08.202112Gloria Golf Courses22761991
19.07.202122.08.202114Gloria Golf Courses25932269
23.08.202119.09.202112Gloria Golf Courses21991924
23.08.202119.09.202114Gloria Golf Courses25042191
20.09.202130.09.202112Gloria Golf Courses18281600
20.09.202130.09.202114Gloria Golf Courses20561799
01.10.202110.10.202112Gloria Golf Courses18581626
01.10.202110.10.202114Gloria Golf Courses20861825
11.10.202131.10.202112Gloria Golf Courses16661458
11.10.202131.10.202114Gloria Golf Courses18621629
01.11.202121.11.202112Gloria Golf Courses13481180
01.11.202121.11.202114Gloria Golf Courses14961309
22.11.202130.11.202112Gloria Golf Courses12521096
22.11.202130.11.202114Gloria Golf Courses13841211
01.12.202128.12.202112Gloria Golf Courses11621017
01.12.202128.12.202114Gloria Golf Courses12941132
29.12.202105.01.202212Gloria Golf Courses13061143
29.12.202105.01.202214Gloria Golf Courses14621279
06.01.202228.02.202212Gloria Golf Courses11621017
06.01.202228.02.202214Gloria Golf Courses12941132
01.03.202213.03.202212Gloria Golf Courses13481180
01.03.202213.03.202214Gloria Golf Courses14961309
14.03.202231.03.202212Gloria Golf Courses13961222
14.03.202231.03.202214Gloria Golf Courses15521358
19.07.202122.08.202112Gloria Golf Courses20921831
19.07.202122.08.202114Gloria Golf Courses23842086
23.08.202119.09.202112Gloria Golf Courses20151763
23.08.202119.09.202114Gloria Golf Courses22942008
20.09.202130.09.202112Gloria Golf Courses16711462
20.09.202130.09.202114Gloria Golf Courses18801645
01.10.202110.10.202112Gloria Golf Courses17011488
01.10.202110.10.202114Gloria Golf Courses19101671
11.10.202131.10.202112Gloria Golf Courses15281337
11.10.202131.10.202114Gloria Golf Courses17081495
01.11.202121.11.202112Gloria Golf Courses11891041
01.11.202121.11.202114Gloria Golf Courses13241159
22.11.202130.11.202112Gloria Golf Courses1103965
22.11.202130.11.202114Gloria Golf Courses12241071
01.12.202128.12.202112Gloria Golf Courses1025897
01.12.202128.12.202114Gloria Golf Courses11461002
29.12.202105.01.202212Gloria Golf Courses11501006
29.12.202105.01.202214Gloria Golf Courses12911130
06.01.202228.02.202212Gloria Golf Courses1025897
06.01.202228.02.202214Gloria Golf Courses11461002
01.03.202213.03.202212Gloria Golf Courses11891041
01.03.202213.03.202214Gloria Golf Courses13241159
14.03.202231.03.202212Gloria Golf Courses12281074
14.03.202231.03.202214Gloria Golf Courses13691198

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Gloria Verde Resort & Spa Packages

Gloria Verde Resort & Spa
5, 7Nights
2 Rounds
from 470 €
Gloria Verde 2 Rounds
Gloria Verde Golf & Spa 2 Rounds golf package include 5 or 7 nights all-inclusive special accommodation and 2 rounds golf on the Gloria golf courses.
Gloria Verde Resort & Spa
10, 7Nights
4 Rounds
from 732 €
Gloria Verde 4 Rounds
Gloria Verde Golf & Spa 4 Rounds golf package include 7 or 10 nights all-inclusive special accommodation and 4 rounds golf on the Gloria golf courses.
Gloria Verde Resort & Spa
12, 14Nights
6 Rounds
from 1162 €
Gloria Verde 6 Rounds
Gloria Verde Golf & Spa 6 Rounds golf package include 12 or 14 nights all-inclusive special accommodation and 6 rounds golf on the Gloria golf courses.
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