If you are already on this page, you probably reserved a holiday with us and want to make a payment. First of all, we would like to thank you very much for booking with us. You can be sure that we will try our best for your holiday to run as smooth as clockwork.

You can make your payments with your credit cards and also with bank transfers.  All information you may need provided below and if you have any additional questions or difficulties, please contact us from info@golfturkey.com or call + 90 242 312 04 44

Credit Card Payments

We accept Visa and Mastercard

Pay here

Most secure way to make your credit card payments. When you fill the form your bank sends a pin code to your phone with SMS to enter to the field on this screen, No one will see your card details including us.

Secure payment form for your credit card payments. When you fill the form we will debit your card manually and send you the confirmation by e-mail.

First 4 digits

Second 4 digits

Third 4 digits

Last 4 digits


Do not forget to mention your booking reference on all payments.

Booking Reference

You can find your booking reference on your confirmation e-mails and also proforma invoices.


Do not forget to mention the beneficiary on bank transfers.


The beneficiary is “Eros Turizm Seyahat Ltd. Şti” for Bank Transfers.


All bank charges should be paid by payer on bank transfers.


Total amount should hit to our account as given on your confirmation and proforma invoice.


Payments shoud be done in the currency confirmed.


You can find payment currency on your confirmation e-mail and also proforma invoice.

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