Пакет «7 ночей 5 раундов гольфа»

Гольф-пакет Thracian Cliffs на 7 ночей и 5 раундов включает завтрак на 7 ночей, включая проживание в студии или апартаменты с 5 раундами игры в гольф.

  • 3 x 18 лунок на поле для гольфа Thracian Cliffs с общими багги,
  • 1 грин-фи на 18 лунок на поле для гольфа Blacksearama с тележкой для игры в гольф и мячами для свободного выгула с использованием диапазона,
  • 1 грин-фи на 18 лунок на поле для гольфа Lighthouse.

Также включены все трансферы от / до аэропорта и поля для гольфа. Дополнительный гольф, краткосрочное или длительное пребывание, цены для не игроков в гольф и групповые цены доступны по запросу.

ИзЧтобыТип номераГостьЦенаМин Фият
06.06.202211.09.2022Люкс с одной спальней22087
06.06.202211.09.2022Люкс с двумя спальнями21935
06.06.202211.09.2022Люкс с двумя спальнями31493
06.06.202211.09.2022Люкс с двумя спальнями41272
06.06.202211.09.2022Люкс с тремя спальнями31829
06.06.202211.09.2022Люкс с тремя спальнями41524
06.06.202211.09.2022Люкс с тремя спальнями51341
06.06.202211.09.2022Люкс с тремя спальнями61219
12.09.202216.10.2022Люкс с одной спальней21171
12.09.202216.10.2022Люкс с двумя спальнями21425
12.09.202216.10.2022Люкс с двумя спальнями31137
12.09.202216.10.2022Люкс с двумя спальнями4994
12.09.202216.10.2022Люкс с тремя спальнями31357
12.09.202216.10.2022Люкс с тремя спальнями41153
12.09.202216.10.2022Люкс с тремя спальнями51036
12.09.202216.10.2022Люкс с тремя спальнями6951

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Турпакеты в Thracian Cliffs

Гольф и пляжный курорт Thracian Cliffs
От 516 €
Гольф-пакет на 4 ночи и 3 раунда
Пакет Thracian Cliffs 4 ночи 3 тура включает 7 ночей проживания + 1 x Thracian Cliffs, 1 x Blacksearama, 1 x Lighthouse Green Fee и все трансферы.
Гольф и пляжный курорт Thracian Cliffs
От 815 €
Гольф-пакет на 7 ночей, 4 раунда
Пакет Thracian Cliffs, 7 ночей, 4 тура, включает 7 ночей проживания + 2 x Thracian Cliffs, 1 x Blacksearama, 1 x Lighthouse Green Fee и все трансферы.
Гольф и пляжный курорт Thracian Cliffs
От 951 €
Пакет «7 ночей 5 раундов гольфа»
Пакет Thracian Cliffs 7 ночей и 5 туров включает 7 ночей проживания + 3 x Thracian Cliffs, 1 x Blacksearama, 1 x Lighthouse Green Fee и все трансферы.

Фракийские скалы Отзывы


I haven’t been to the hotel , just played a round of golf . The golf course is very challenging! It’s all above the cliffs of the Black Sea . Very well kept , really a special course for golfers . Pro Shop , restaurant , and flats to rent .price very expensive, Greenfee + clubs rent + half Buggy, 170 Euros.

Gidons51 01.06.2022

The Trip was Amazing, the Apartments were Awsome, 10/10, Glad that they’ve changed and added something New in Terms of Food in One Restaruant and also the Other, Beaches are the same, but overall it was a very Good trip for One Last time, will come back for more.

Legion O 01.08.2021

We had the second day of our wedding at Bendida beach. Everything was organised to perfection thanks to Iliyana !!! Food was amazing, service was on top. Iliyana communicated with us throughout the evening and solved our issues very promptly

Marta P 01.07.2021

We shall always return... Such a lovely day, I am glad that a I’ ve spent it with you ... the place where the lyrics of this song really make sense. Good to be back in this classic literally ON THE BEACH restaurant, with amazing fresh fish, elaborate cuisine and unique marine atmosphere. Friendly staff and great overall feeling. Congrats!

Magaluf 01.05.2021

The facility is top notch. I stayed in one of the studio apartments. It is very large with a huge living area and kitchenette, one and a half baths, large patio and bedroom. The grounds are very well maintained and there are several restaurants and shops within the resort. The golf course is probably the best that I have ever played and I have played pebble beach and some other great courses. The resort staff is very friendly and helpful. They extended my check out to 6 pm because I had a late flight. I will definitely come back.

pivonye 01.05.2021

First time at Thracian Cliffs Golf & SPA Resort and first summer at the beach in Bulgaria for me and my husband. We went for the beach and the sea, we are not golf players. Our room was very clean, nice and quit, with a very beautiful view on the golf hill and lake. The staff was very helpful and polite. We had our beach and restaurant reservations made from home, more them 5 days prior to our arrival to the hotel, so it was just perfect that way. We love to have breakfast outside every morning. The restaurant on the beach served us fresh and delicious food. We enjoyed very much to be eat on the beach, to feel the sand and listen to the waves. It was a very pleasant vacation, I think we will come again in the future.


Thank you for the best organisation for our wedding day. Thank you for amazing staff Hristian and Iliyana and to all who made wonderful the organization of our fabulous wedding day. А magical place!!!

Marina G 01.09.2020

It's the most beautiful wedding venue! We had our perfect wedding party at the Bendida Beach and the ceremony on the terrace with the most amazing sea view. Everything was better than we've ever imagined - staff, food, atmosphere were exquisite. Supervisors and managers were very nice, professional and always there for us whenever we needed anything. The room we were staying in was beautiful, clean and had very romantic view. We highly recommended this location not only for holidays, dinner, but as well or mostly for the wedding ceremony!

Ala W 01.09.2020

We loved our stay in the Thracian Cliffs. Apartments are nice and specious. The view is amazing. Breakfast is great with a huge variety of choice and lovely chef making eggs of your choice on spot. The Geti restaurant has an amazing view and the food is very good. Argata is the most romantic beach and also has the best beach restaurant. The sea food there is next level. Big compliment for the cooks there. We were blessed to celebrate our wedding on Argata and we are extremely thankful for the great organization from Iliyana - she made everything as per our wishes and above and beyond expectations. Big thank you to all the people working on Argata for their great attitude, hospitality and friendliness. Best place for a wedding! Overall this is an amazing place, great beach,

Darina T 01.08.2020
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