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Поле для гольфа Lykia Links было первым в своем роде полем в Южном Средиземноморье, а это означает, что оно очень привлекает поклонников линксов, которые ищут поле в более теплом климате. Этот курс является одним из всего 300 курсов по всему миру, и он пользуется большим спросом, но бронирование через нас поможет вам получить наилучшее возможное время начала игры.

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Курс был разработан Перри О. Дай, чтобы имитировать некоторые из классических курсов ссылок, которые встречаются в Европе и Северной Америке, а также идеально сочетаются с природными особенностями Белека. Холмистые песчаные дюны и помятые фервеи удобно расположены в тихом районе рядом с устьем реки, впадающей в Средиземное море. Иногда трасса ведет прямо на залитый солнцем пляж. Тем не менее, игроков предупреждают, что не ждите от Lykia Links легкой прогулки на солнышке - трасса уже заработала жесткую и сложную репутацию.

Как и многие другие курсы Перри О. Дая, в Lykia Links есть озорной элемент «риск и вознаграждение». Если вы осмелитесь рискнуть, вы увидите, что действительно добиваетесь успеха на этом курсе, но если вы не сделаете свои выстрелы идеально, вы можете оказаться позади. Бункеры и участки с плохой атмосферой охраняют грин, и игроки в гольф должны учитывать потенциальные эффекты преобладающих боковых ветров, доносящихся с моря. Комбинация различных задач курса означает, что этот курс связи будет приятно трудным как для людей с высокими, так и для низких гандикапов.

Когда вы не на поле, вы сможете посетить хорошо укомплектованный магазин Pro в Links или посетить престижный клубный ресторан и бар. Соседний отель и оздоровительный центр также является идеальным местом для отдыха и релаксации после поездки.

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We had visited many hotels in Turkey before, but we' ve come to Lykia for the third time. Everything is super in this hotel. The problems (if they appeared) were solved quickly and on the high level. Guest relations department attitude was also very friendly and helpful. The hotel staff does everything for the tourists comfort. Thanks a lot, Lykia!!!! After such experience we will come for sure and i think not once!!!!

Kateryna T 21.09.2020

8 of us stayed at the lykia world hotel 10th march for 5 nights. First of all the golf course is fantastic we have been to spain and Portugal but this has been by far the best course. Now to the hotel. WOW hospitality to another level. Slowly renovating the hotel to an excellent standard. Only part of the hotel was open while we were there but what work being done looked 1st class. This will be a 5 star resort once finished. 5 star golf and hospitality at a fantastic price. Cant wait to book for next year

Paul C 22.03.2019

As a professionnal golfeur, I came here to practice during winter. The golf course was in great shape, very challenging. The fairways and greens are in perfect conditions. Great view on the sea and mountains as well. The director of the club and all the staff were very nice with us. I highly recommend you to go and play there, this is an amazing experience. Thank you again Lykia Golf links for your gratitude. Nicolas Platret

Nicolas P 09.01.2020

Everything was top notch. Good reception from the golf director. Golf pro and course marshal all treated us brilliantly. Room was very nice and food was bloody brilliant. Would recommend for a golf holiday - the course is exceptional!

KARoth 31.03.2019

Wow !. A "real" links course with stupendous 180° views of the Mediterranean. And - what a relief ! - you actually "hear" the sound of nature instead of traffic and hotel-noises, like on manyt of the orher Belek courses. Quite forgiving course with peculiar bunkers. A bit of confusion on and around the 15, 16,17 th hole (adjacent fairways). Very sympathetic clubhouse and friendly staff serve you well at reasonable prices..

LudoKMR 08.05.2019

First time in Belek and have had mixed experiences with the golf courses. Main issues around condition and i guess this is to be expected as the greens recover after a long hot summer. Whilst conditions were patchy at best on the main strip of courses the track at Lykia was in splendid form. I had been recommenced to visit by a friend in the UK and we were so glad we did. The greens were slowish but true and considering this is a course laid out by Pete Dye's son, with typically small and fiendish greens, then this was no bad thing! The layout is fantastic and makes such a difference from the tree lined courses in Belek. Moreover, the fact that it is a little out of the way (35 minute drive only guys...!) seems to mean that it is not over-golfed and as such we had the quickest round of our trip. Definitely make the effort, you will not be disspaointed.

TheNavarros 15.10.2019

We have during the years played several courses in Belek. 1e time to the Lykia. It is a longer trip to the course. But go play and you wil see.

Mark Schouten 17.03.2019

This is by far the best layout in the whole of Belek In my opinion and I have played them all Designed by the Famous Pete Dye’s son They have done a great job in manufacturing a links feel to the course , undulating fairways , pot bunkers , wispy grasses , you can even hear the sea This is the first time here , I gather going back a few years it was the place to be , unfortunately it is in the middle of nowhere , minutes from the clear signs of run down and deprived areas , and with stiff competition from the likes of Carya & Maxx Royal , in a developed strip of land surrounded by golf courses , trade has gradually dried up With an injection of cash , it would be a force to reckon with again , we are only talking weeds , bunker edging and aesthetics though A less experienced or relatively new golfer may find the course below par to others , but a travelled golfer would grasp the potential The reception is a comedy nobody knew what was going on , the circular bar area is something from a movie , cannot comment on the hotel as never seen it But I will again mention the quality of that course , it has not held events like others in the area have paid to hold , but if you do your homework it has won more awards and accolades than any other Crying out for investment , but well worth a game

Snorgent 21.03.2020

All food of golf hause are awesome and all staff are veru kind so we had very happy time in a week. Specially Arda and Zeynap are super kind and the best staff I have never ever seen. I really appreciate to Arda and Zeynap. Even Zeynap can speek Korean. 골프장에 사람들이 많지 않아서 더 여유있고 좋았습니다. 골프장 하우스 레스토랑 음식이 정말 맛있고 다양하고, 서빙도 친절합니다. 감사합니다 알다 그리고 제이넵~~^^ 덕분에 맛있는거 많이 먹고 잘 쉬고 갑니다~ Thank you~ FYI : buggy 35 euro, trolley 5 euro

heejung7 24.05.2019
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