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Гольф-клуб Робинзон

Поле для гольфа Robinson Club Nobilis — первое предприятие Дэйва Томаса в Юго-Восточной Европе, и оно не разочарует тех, кто знаком с его фирменным стилем. Поле, открытое в 1998 году, возглавило бум гольфа в Турции и с тех пор продолжает привлекать внимание игроков. Это отличный курс для разминки для тех, кто хочет продвигаться вперед в решении некоторых из более сложных задач региона.


Поле пар 72 представляет собой вызов для людей, способных играть в гольф, и содержит широкий спектр различных задач, подходящих для множества различных стилей игры. Узкие, обсаженные деревьями фервеи проходят по песчаным прибрежным ландшафтам и ведут к большим, широким, изогнутым лужайкам. Несмотря на то, что это довольно ровное поле, у посетителей не должно сложиться впечатление, что это поле представляет собой простую прогулку по парку. Пар защищен стратегически расположенными водными преградами, множеством сложных изгибов и бункерами из белого песка. Игроки вынуждены оценивать условия и тщательно продумывать размещение мяча перед каждым ударом, если они хотят попасть домой с приятным счетом.

Расположение этого поля поистине потрясающее, а заснеженные горы Таурус служат фоном для раунда. 7 озер интегрированы в дизайн поля, и игроки в гольф следят за течением реки Ацису вокруг поля во время игры. Естественные сосновые леса Белека также играют свою роль в создании прекрасных и спокойных условий для игры в гольф.

За пределами поля вы можете получить доступ к урокам гольфа у опытных тренеров. Красивый клуб в римском стиле - отличный выбор для освежения и расслабления после того, как вы закончили свой тур, и он находится всего в двух шагах от 18-й лужайки.

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Обзоры полей для гольфа Robinson Golf Club Nobilis


Played the Pines course and very soon discovered why it so named. The fairways grab the ball so don't expect any run unless you hit a low draw. The greens are well protected and you have position yourself well to be able to attack most pins. The course plays long off yellow tees at 6000 metres. Reasonable amount of water but only a few holes. Some long par 3's, not a fan of having to hit driver. Lovely setting and would play again


Excellent Location, Services, friendly staff, food, amenities. Great resort, excellently maintained. The only drawback, where the hotel has indirect influence: At night we experienced unpleasant smoke/odor from garbage fires nearby, probably Serik. Open garbage fires should be forbidden and burned in closed waste management facilities with filter systems. During the day the wind came from the sea and air quality was fine.

Reto 01.10.2021

Excellent location, perfect food, very competent, friendly staff everywhere. Landscape is extraordinary and the activities in the hotel serves every choice. Thanks to the staff. Nice place to get together with friends.

veli b 01.09.2021

Hello everyone in Turkey this is not the first time we have a rest, we didn’t regret that we came to this hotel. There are two hotels on this territory: SUENNO GOLF and SUENNO DELUXE. It turns out that we had breakfast at the SUENNO GOLF hotel, and lunch and dinner at the Delux hotel. There is a shuttle service between the two hotels every 2 minutes 24/7. A lady named Nuriza at the front desk helped us quickly arrange the rooms. Special thanks to her! Well done! And at the bar we were served by a girl named Sevgi, a polite and pleasant girl who works for 5 points.


Many thanks to all the staff especially Bayram. The service was as fantastic as the golf. We are all returning this September because of the great experience we had last year. No problems with the speed of play or getting a buggy.


Would like to thank the Academy of Cahit Kaya and his amazing team Alihan, Ali, Mustafa, Yilmaz, Kadir who made my stay unforgettable. Real professionals with soul and great experience that can improve your golf very quickly!!!! Also they have fantastic gloves for golf. Try it.

Pollystar 16.11.2020

There should have been 8 of us but due to UK rules on isolation on return it was reduced to 2. Our group has been all over Europe on our annual golf trip. I think this has been the best venue we have ever visited for all kinds of reason, and we are very fussy. The course were both fabulous, in great condition, the deluxe hotel was great all staff were extremely friendly. Everything was so easy, no hassle no stress. We are going back with the full group next year without a doubt, I want the rest of our group to experience, what I believe, is the ultimate golf trip. Thank you so much, the two week isolation was worth it.

Gus O 21.10.2020

Decided to play a couple of Rounds of Golf whilst on Holiday oil Turkey, Booked a round with our Hotel Rep and he had booked me into Sueno Golf Club. I rented a Golf Cart and Clubs. The Clubs were Cleveland Blacks and were ok but would have preferred a steel shaft not Graphite. The Course I played was the Pines course and was in superb condition. Drinks and snacks from the cart were a bit Pricey. I would definitely recommend this course

Shaun C 13.10.2020

The Sueno was our first experience of golf in Turkey. Staying at Sueno with the pro shop and caddy master in the hotel. There are 2 courses. The Pines and the Dunes. The Pines being the longer of the 2. We are mid handicap golfers and very much enjoyed both courses. Both are challenging. Although shorter, the Dunes requires more thought. Unless you find the water (of which there is plenty) it is difficult to lose a ball and it is generally very fair. We struggled with the greens. Finding them impossible to read. I lost count of how many times the ball broke uphill! That may say more about our golfing ability than the course. It was well maintained and in good condition with little sign of wear and very pretty. The buggies have seen better days. Sometimes only just making it all the way round.

TrevorRIG 11.10.2020
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