Вечер в гольф-клубе Sueno

Гольф-пакет на 4 раунда с багги

Sueno Golf 4 раунда с пакетом багги, включает 7 ночей роскошного проживания по системе «все включено» в стандартных номерах с 4 раунда для гольфа с общими багги на полях для гольфа Pines и Dunes.

Дополнительное поле для гольфа на любом другом поле в этом районе, краткосрочное или длительное пребывание, цены не для игроков в гольф и другие типы номеров доступны по запросу.

ИзЧтобыНочиКурсы€ Цена€ Групповая цена
28.11.2223.12.227Pines & Dunes602527
24.12.2231.12.227Pines & Dunes623545
01.01.2329.01.237Pines & Dunes769673
30.01.2324.02.237Pines & Dunes849743
25.02.2320.03.237Pines & Dunes927811
21.03.2320.04.237Pines & Dunes996872
21.04.2314.05.237Pines & Dunes1031902
15.05.2311.06.237Pines & Dunes1101963
12.06.2331.08.237Pines & Dunes11691023
01.09.2320.09.237Pines & Dunes1088952
21.09.2321.10.237Pines & Dunes1050919
22.10.2305.11.237Pines & Dunes1010884
06.11.2320.11.237Pines & Dunes912798
21.11.2323.12.237Pines & Dunes773676
24.12.2331.12.237Pines & Dunes789690

ИзЧтобыНочиКурсы€ Цена€ Групповая цена
28.11.2223.12.227Сосны и дюны602527
24.12.2231.12.227Сосны и дюны623545
01.01.2329.01.237Сосны и дюны769673
30.01.2324.02.237Сосны и дюны849743
25.02.2320.03.237Сосны и дюны927811
21.03.2320.04.237Сосны и дюны996872
21.04.2314.05.237Сосны и дюны1031902
15.05.2311.06.237Сосны и дюны1101963
12.06.2331.08.237Сосны и дюны11691023
01.09.2320.09.237Сосны и дюны1088952
21.09.2321.10.237Сосны и дюны1050919
22.10.2305.11.237Сосны и дюны1010884
06.11.2320.11.237Сосны и дюны912798
21.11.2323.12.237Сосны и дюны773676
24.12.2331.12.237Сосны и дюны789690

Форма запроса

Гольф-отели Sueno Hotels

Sueno Hotels Golf
От 472 €
Гольф-пакет на 2 раунда
Гольф-пакет Sueno 2 Rounds включает 7 ночей проживания по системе «все включено» в стандартных номерах и поля для гольфа Pines и Dunes на 2 раунда.
Белек / Анталия
Sueno Hotels Golf
От 507 €
Гольф-пакет на 3 раунда
Гольф-пакет Sueno 3 Rounds включает 7 ночей проживания по системе «все включено» в стандартных номерах и поля для гольфа Pines и Dunes на 3 раунда.
Белек / Анталия
Sueno Hotels Golf
От 542 €
Гольф-пакет на 4 раунда
Гольф-пакет Sueno 4 Rounds включает 7 ночей проживания по системе «все включено» в стандартных номерах и поля для гольфа Pines и Dunes на 4 раунда.
Белек / Анталия
Sueno Hotels Golf
От 552 €
Безлимитный гольф-пакет
Неограниченный пакет Sueno golf включает 7 ночей проживания в стандартных номерах и неограниченный гольф на полях для гольфа Pines и Dunes.
Белек / Анталия
Sueno Hotels Golf
От 602 €
Гольф-пакет на 4 раунда с багги
Пакет Sueno 4 Rounds с багги-гольфом включает 7 ночей проживания в стандартных номерах и 4-раундовое гольф-поля Pines и Dunes с общими багги.
Белек / Анталия

Sueno Hotels Гольф Отзывы


This is our first time here and would happily come back again. The staff are very considerate and fully understanding. Almira from Guest Relations helped us immensely and did the hotel proud. I would highly recommend this for groups of golfers. We also had the use of the Sueno New which was superb for the evening entertainment. Overall very highly recommended.

Andrew M 21.01.2022

Service has been excellent, staff are warm and friendly and can never do enough for you. Hotel is showing it’s age, however still a very good choice of venue and by no means distracts from the quality of the holiday..

Brayan D 18.01.2022

I am here not first time. Excellent place. Very friendly staff. Restaurants Veri good. Bar service super. Golf courses super. At least excellent to stay. I'll recommend for ever golfers. Unbelievable SPA . And thanks for Almira. 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

mill121 18.01.2022

Perfect hotell, Top service and great golf !! The food, staff, golf and service are all super. Both golf courses are great, two diffrent types and both are a great challenge. My first time here, but I will come back for sure!

Rasmus H 16.01.2022

Great holiday! Both courses were in great shape and nice layouts! Staff were excellent and very friendly. The restaurants offered a variety of food and drink. I think all in all the total package was fantastic value, and the golf courses were of high international standard! I can thoroughly recommend Sueno as an all inclusive vacation, relaxing amd loads of fun golf,

Brian T 13.01.2022

We went for one week during early january with a large group of 10 friends to play golf. The value for money with 27-36 holes per day and tons of food and drinks was crazy good. +Super good value for money +Nice golf courses and easy access to buggys +Really good selection of drinks at the bars +Big rooms +Nice sauna facilities +Super friendly and helpful staff, especially Betul -A bit annoying that you have to go to pro shop to pre pay anything golf related, you cannot get balls at the driving range but you have to go back to the hotel to pay for them, same goes for buggys -The AC was obviously turned off in the entire hotel due to low season but they pretended it was "broken" -Most of the food was pretty bad (the 3 minute egg is like 1 minute and the 6 minute egg is like 35

Erik 10.01.2022

Our 3rd winter golf holiday at the Sueno Golf Hotel. Still excellent service from the staff - nothing is too much trouble. We love the Birdie Bar a great spot for a beer and food after play, As mentioned by other reviews the rooms are a bit tired but the refurbished is underway and will be completed soon. The two courses are fun to play and a great test of golf we will back again.

Jamie L 08.01.2022

Very nice golf courses! And very nice staff from guestrelations. Drinks and food is also good and nice variety. We will definitely coming back to this nice hotel for golfing. Will recommend to my friends.

Johan N 05.01.2022

All staff at the hotel offered excellent service. The customer service team was especially helpful. Golf courses were a challenge but fun to play. Being able to use the facilities at the the deluxe was a great bonus. Thankyou all ..look forward to the next visit...

Algarve 01.12.2021
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