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Гольф-пакет на 3 раунда

Гольф-пакет Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek на 3 раунда включает в себя 7 ночей проживания в отеле высокого класса по системе «все включено» с 3 раундами игры в гольф на полях для гольфа Cullinan Golf Clubs Aspendos и Olympos. Еда и напитки также включены в стоимость поля для гольфа, за исключением июня, июля и августа.

Если вы хотите играть больше, мы всегда можем организовать дополнительные раунды на любых других полях в этом районе. Нет необходимости упоминать, что мы также организуем все трансферы между отелями и полями для гольфа, а также от и до аэропорт.

ИзЧтобы€ ЦенаГруппа 8++
20.09.2216.10.221235Лидер группы Бесплатно
17.10.2231.10.221098Лидер группы Бесплатно
01.11.2220.11.22951Лидер группы Бесплатно
21.11.2230.11.22713Лидер группы Бесплатно
01.12.2224.12.22592Лидер группы Бесплатно
25.12.2201.01.23705Лидер группы Бесплатно
02.01.2313.02.23592Лидер группы Бесплатно
14.02.2325.02.23644Лидер группы Бесплатно
26.02.2331.03.23879PGA Pro Бесплатно
01.04.2327.04.23927PGA Pro Бесплатно
28.04.2320.05.23943PGA Pro Бесплатно
21.05.2331.05.231080PGA Pro Бесплатно
01.09.2319.09.231432PGA Pro Бесплатно
20.09.2316.10.231287PGA Pro Бесплатно
17.10.2331.10.231179PGA Pro Бесплатно
01.11.2320.11.23978Лидер группы Бесплатно
21.11.2330.11.23865Лидер группы Бесплатно
01.12.2324.12.23675Лидер группы Бесплатно
25.12.2301.01.24804Лидер группы Бесплатно

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Пакеты Titanic Deluxe Resort

Titanic Deluxe Golf Белек
От 529 €
Гольф-пакет на 2 раунда
Гольф-пакет Titanic Deluxe 2 Rounds включает 7 ночей высококлассного проживания по системе «все включено» и 2 раунда игры в гольф на полях Cullinan Golf Clubs Olympos и Aspendos.
Белек / Анталия
Titanic Deluxe Golf Белек
От 592 €
Гольф-пакет на 3 раунда
Гольф-пакет Titanic Deluxe 3 Rounds включает в себя 7 ночей проживания в отеле высокого класса по системе «все включено» и 3 раунда игры в гольф на поле для гольфа Cullinan Links.
Белек / Анталия
Titanic Deluxe Golf Белек
От 656 €
Гольф-пакет на 4 раунда
Пакет Titanic Deluxe 4 Rounds включает 7 ночей в первоклассном проживании по системе «все включено» и 4 раунда игры в гольф на полях, перечисленных в таблице цен.
Белек / Анталия

Титаник Делюкс Резорт Отзывы


Just back from one week at this classy hotel. By far the best in the local area and with first class service, staff and covid aware hygiene made the week wonderful. The food and variety are top class and bar staff waiting and serving within a few minutes of taking a seat. Well done and thank you to all the staff working in this hotel. Easy access and transfers to the neighbouring golf courses and a relaxing swim and Turkish bath available in a large complex after a day on the golf course. Definitely be returning in 2022.

Liam M 05.12.2021

Alireza and Ramin from Guest Service were so nice and helpful. Thank you for making me feel safe when I asked for help. The athmosphere is so cool. The staff members are polite. Physical conditions are enough.

Tuğba A 02.12.2021

Perfect accommodation and service. Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek is perfect place for holiday for golfers and non golfers as well. So many great golf courses within maximum 30 min. We’ll come back for sure. For more golf at beautiful golf courses. Thank you so much🙏🏼

Michał G 19.11.2021

We had some problems with transfer to hotel which the travel agency did it but when we arrived we forget everything 🙂 Workers are helpful and friendly here, one of the bests hotel that we visit at Turkey 🇹🇷. We had a good breakfast at The club breakfast saloon and there we find a persian girl her name was Negin, she did everything to feel us happy, I appreciate Alireza at guest service these both did everything for us and talked to us every day to make sure we are satisfied. Let me also appreciate Fatma at Cordelia bar, she is full energy and full of positive energy.

محمود ض 06.11.2021

About hotel staff behavoer was kind from start and check in. Facilities like wifi, cleaning , foods and staff services in different places is amazing. This was our 33th wedding anniversary and it past amazing for us. The service her name is Negin she was just like an angle for us , when we talked together i felt like we are at our country . Also Mr.Alireza ebrahimi is very kind and gentleman . All they tried to make us happy. Also Ramin in guest service team is kind and helpful. For next time we are planing to come with a bigger family group .

Samira H 06.11.2021

Excellent hotel for the family, very good, kind and polite staff, varied and excellent food, room service also excellent, most importantly beautiful environment for walking, large swimming pools with hot and cold water, spa with Turkish bath .. .. We had a very, very good two weeks with the family, thanks to all the staff. Housekeeping team is helpfull and friendly. Staff team at restaurant are amazing and super fast. Drinks at bar is acceptable, drink variety is perfect but I thought that the alcohol percentage is low . I appreciate Mr.Alireza at guest service team, Sinan gulgun at service team and Mrs nurgul at Housekeeping team. As suggestion I want to offer to change lunch menu with dinner menu , because the dinner buffet is full of tasty but heavy foods and its better

NiknaMajid 06.11.2021

Every thing was amazing foods,drinks,desserts. The beach and the view by the river and golf area was dreamy.u can drink awesome coktails anytime and anywhere in hotel area .the room servicr was incredible.guest service staff mr.alireza was a very friendly iranian one. i loved my 7 days stay in titanic delux

Ma F 05.11.2021

Our hotel experience has been first rate from day one. Our hotel room was exceptional with great views overlooking the pool. Huge variety of food on offer and overall excellent quality. The concierge support has been incredible with direct contact to answer any issues/request on demand

Vino P 01.11.2021

I come to Belek every year for golf have to say this hotel Titanic golf deluxe is better by far than the ones we have been to very luxurious can’t fault the food rooms staff were great definitely coming back next year

Christine H 01.11.2021
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