Корнелия Даймонд Лобби

Корнелия Даймонд 2 раунда

Да, бриллианты вечны, но, к сожалению, ваш пакет Cornelia Diamond 2 Rounds длится всего неделю. Однако мы совершенно уверены, что вам захочется повторять снова и снова.

Пакет включает в себя проживание по системе «все включено» на 5, 6, 7 ночей и два раунда игры в гольф на 27-луночном поле для гольфа Faldo. Дополнительный гольф на любом поле предоставляется по запросу.

ИзЧтобыНочиКурсы€ Цена€ Групповая цена
08.05.202215.06.202272 Фальдо12431088
01.09.202223.09.202252 Фальдо10631048
01.09.202223.09.202262 Фальдо12231208
01.09.202223.09.202272 Фальдо13791207
24.09.202222.10.202252 Фальдо10561041
24.09.202222.10.202262 Фальдо12101195
24.09.202222.10.202272 Фальдо13601190
23.10.202231.10.202252 Фальдо979964
23.10.202231.10.202262 Фальдо11201105
23.10.202231.10.202272 Фальдо12561099
01.11.202218.11.202252 Фальдо799784
01.11.202218.11.202262 Фальдо917902
01.11.202218.11.202272 Фальдо1032903
19.11.202220.02.202352 Фальдо725710
19.11.202220.02.202362 Фальдо830815
19.11.202220.02.202372 Фальдо932815
21.02.202310.03.202372 Фальдо1029901
11.03.202331.03.202372 Фальдо1070936
01.04.202323.04.202372 Фальдо12101059
24.04.202307.05.202372 Фальдо13821209
08.05.202331.05.202372 Фальдо14391259
01.06.202330.06.202372 Фальдо15471353

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Пакеты услуг Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa

Корнелия Даймонд Гольф Резорт и Спа
Корнелия Даймонд Лобби
От 725 €
Корнелия Даймонд 2 раунда
Гольф-пакет Cornelia Diamond на 2 раунда включает проживание по системе «все включено» и 2 раунда игры в гольф на сенсационном поле для гольфа Faldo.
Корнелия Даймонд Гольф Резорт и Спа
Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & SPA - Ресторан Tai Pen
От 765 €
Корнелия Даймонд 3 раунда
В гольф-пакет Cornelia Diamond 3 раунда входит проживание по системе «все включено» и 3 раунда игры в гольф на 27-луночном поле для гольфа Faldo.
Корнелия Даймонд Гольф Резорт и Спа
Корнелия Даймонд, вид с воздуха
От 866 €
Корнелия Даймонд Безлимитный
Гольф-пакет Cornelia Diamond Unlimited включает проживание в отеле «все включено» и 4 предварительно забронированных раунда — неограниченное количество игр в гольф на поле для гольфа Faldo.
Корнелия Даймонд Гольф Резорт и Спа
Поле для гольфа Корнелии Фалдо
От 1000 €
Весенний турнир по гольфу Корнелии Даймонд
Пакет турниров по гольфу Cornelia Diamond Spring включает проживание по системе «все включено» и гольф на 4 раунда с призом в размере 7 ночей и 3 раунда для победителя.
Based on 3,580 Reviews

While I enjoyed almost everything about our stay, I was very disappointed in the Mediterranean a la cart dining experience. The service was not particularly good, the tuna salad I chose showed no expertise what so ever and the tiramisu was some sort of cheese cake. Frankly the main restaurant would have been a better choice. Considering the 15euro uplift, I would suggest you avoid this one. I lodged my complaint the following day but heard nothing more about it.


It's amathing place for famaily vocation. 2 of our trips here I was working in the daytime. Thanks to perfect work of animation team - Julia (!), Musab, Mario, Arman - my kids were always busy so I could work at daytime. Photo just to show that I'm still working)


Visited Asian restaurant tonight absolutely superb staff fantastic. Loads of choices and food was hot and tasty. The staff were great friendly and attentive you wanted fit nothing. High recommend you will not be disappointed with this la carte restaurant.


Our family of 3 (with our almost 17 yo daugther) had a one week golf vacation during Christmas in Cornelia Diamond. From the very beginning to the end, this place was excellent. First of all, the price of the single room for our daughter (as compared with the price per person for double room) was really decent so we had an additional single room. Rooms are of very good size and facing the sea and the mountains (you have though to disregard the various construction occupying the largest part of the hotel front/this is in fact one of the problems with Turkish resorts - they build almost every sq.m). We ate most of the time in the main restaurant and had lunch at one of the restaurants at the sea level (the main restaurant was closed when we returned from golf). Food was plenty


Couldn’t find a fault with the level of service, a la carte restaurants, amenities and Faldo Golf Courses. Enjoyed the total package so much, 16 golfers will be returning to the hotel 27th February 2022 for 7 nights. Highly recommend this venue for golfers and non golfers. Try each of the a la carte restaurants. €15 for 4-Course cuisine.


I stayed at Cornelia Diamond mainly to play golf and use the golf practice facilities. My golf experience was amazing, but I cannot tell the same thing about my stay. The vibes in the hotel was different and too ethnic, I didn’t really like it. The room included too much the color red and everything (even the picture in the room) was ottoman inspired. I found it a little too much. The buffet and the bar were great overall. But I don’t know if the stay is worth 80€ per night


Nicely back from a terrific week at CD. Well done to everyone at the hotel for providing such an enjoyable and safe environment. As always food and accommodation super but the star of the show was Natalia the pianist. Played 17.00 to 19.00 and was a delight to listen to. Thank you.


Stayed for a week in October 2021 and enjoyed every minute. We went as family and everyone was pleased. Food- due to pandemic it was placed for you on plate by staff (which is understandable) meaning that it was always too much 🙂 But my favorite was the snack bar- great menu, great service, delicious. Always skipped lunch at main restaurant due to the snack menu (tried fish, antricote, fajita. My sun had pizza and burgers and it all was great presented and most importantly delicious.) All bar staff were helpful and attentive. Staff working on jetty were especially friendly. Cocktails tasty and quality of spirits was good too. My father really enjoyed the shows every evening and wouldn't miss a night. Rooms clean, however my sister wasn't happy with her maid as she


Excellent quality and service. Hotel respected all rules concerning the “safe tourism” introduced after Covid 19 outbreak. Customer satisfaction is the priority of this hotel. Thanks to Şaban Darbaş in the sales department for the great reservation arrangements.

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