Стандартный номер Gloria Golf Resort

Глория Гольф 2 раунда

Пакет Gloria Golf на 2 раунда включает в себя 5 или 7 ночей специального проживания по системе «все включено» в стандартных номерах с садом и 2 раунда для игры в гольф в гольф-комплексе Gloria. В специальную концепцию «все включено» также входят блюда и напитки по меню Clubhouse. 

Дополнительное поле для гольфа на любом другом поле в этом районе, краткосрочное или длительное пребывание, цены не для игроков в гольф и другие типы номеров доступны по запросу.

ИзЧтобыНочиКурсы€ Цена€ Групповая цена
01.04.202228.04.20225Поля для гольфа Gloria705617
01.04.202228.04.20227Поля для гольфа Gloria887776
29.04.202212.05.20225Поля для гольфа Gloria775678
29.04.202212.05.20227Поля для гольфа Gloria985862
13.05.202225.05.20225Поля для гольфа Gloria888777
13.05.202225.05.20227Поля для гольфа Gloria11431000
26.05.202202.06.20225Поля для гольфа Gloria848742
26.05.202202.06.20227Поля для гольфа Gloria1103965
03.06.202230.06.20227Поля для гольфа Gloria12081057
01.07.202228.07.20227Поля для гольфа Gloria13131148
29.07.202225.08.20227Поля для гольфа Gloria13651194
26.08.202222.09.20227Поля для гольфа Gloria13431175
23.09.202213.10.20225Поля для гольфа Gloria888777
23.09.202213.10.20227Поля для гольфа Gloria11431000
14.10.202231.10.20225Поля для гольфа Gloria813711
14.10.202231.10.20227Поля для гольфа Gloria1038908
01.11.202220.11.20225Поля для гольфа Gloria640560
01.11.202220.11.20227Поля для гольфа Gloria800700
21.11.202201.12.20225Поля для гольфа Gloria560490
21.11.202201.12.20227Поля для гольфа Gloria688602
02.12.202228.12.20225Поля для гольфа Gloria530464
02.12.202228.12.20227Поля для гольфа Gloria658576
29.12.202204.01.20235Поля для гольфа Gloria630551
29.12.202204.01.20237Поля для гольфа Gloria798698
05.01.202328.02.20235Поля для гольфа Gloria530464
05.01.202328.02.20237Поля для гольфа Gloria658576
01.03.202316.03.20235Поля для гольфа Gloria640560
01.03.202316.03.20237Поля для гольфа Gloria800700
17.03.202331.03.20235Поля для гольфа Gloria660578
17.03.202331.03.20237Поля для гольфа Gloria828725

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Турпакеты в Gloria Golf Resort

Глория Гольф Резорт
Стандартный номер Gloria Golf Resort
От 530 €
Глория Гольф 2 раунда
Гольф-пакет Gloria Golf 2 Rounds включает в себя специальное проживание по системе «все включено» на 5 или 7 ночей и 2 раунда игры в гольф на великолепных полях для гольфа Gloria.
Глория Гольф Резорт
Gloria Golf Resort, вид с воздуха
От 700 €
Глория Гольф 4 раунда
Гольф-пакет Gloria Golf 4 Rounds включает в себя специальное проживание по системе «все включено» на 7 ночей и гольф на 4 раунда на великолепных полях для гольфа Gloria.
Глория Гольф Резорт
Главный бассейн Gloria Golf Resort
От 938 €
Глория Гольф 6 раундов
Гольф-пакет Gloria Golf 6 Rounds включает 7 ночей специального проживания по системе «все включено» и 6 раундов игры в гольф на фантастических полях для гольфа Gloria.

This is our 9th holiday at this hotel. The reason we return each year is primarily to do with the Hotels ability to exceed and surpass its service, facilities excellent standards every year we visit. This year was our first trip during COVID pandemic. If you have any reservations then please be reassured that this hotel has done everything to put your mind at rest from the sanitation of your bedroom / apartment villas, to the sanitisation stations and staff wearing masks and complimentary masks and cleaning stations throughout the hotel. Nothing has been overlooked. Our temperature was checked at the gym. The staff our wonderful and cannot help you enough. The meals are served from behind screens in the buffet area again giving you peace of mind. The holiday was fabulous. This


If your looking for a great all inclusive resort you cannot go wrong at Gloria Golf! STAFF: - They simply cannot do enough for you all the way from maids to guest relations nothing is too much. My son has multiple allergies and they were incredibly accommodating even ordering in special oat milk. A couple notable names of staff that we had wonderful service from...Mehmet (waiter)...Nuri (chef). FOOD: - Amazing choice of restaurants throughout the day, we ate at the Spanish a la carte restaurant on one of the nights (make sure you book in advance for this as it can get booked up) and loved it. On the whole I could not fault the food, restaurant standard! and with a son with allergies they catered for him incredibly well. ROOMS: - We went for a standard room in the main hotel


Me and my friends wanted to thank you for you amazing 🤩 hospitality and the friendly service ..and the most important part was the cleanliness of the hotel ..we enjoyed our stay especially with all the hotel activities..we played darts 🎯 , ping pong 🏓 boçia and enjoyed all the shows and the parties 🎊 ..especial BIG thanks 🙏🏽 for Emra and melek from the beach 🏖 and from the front desk NUR 💓EMRE and SELIN 💓 and finally 💓SERKAN 💓thank you all for your professional service 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗


Gloria golf complex was 1st class. All the staff were very helpful and very pleasant always with a smile on their face. The buffet had plenty of choice. While the Spanish,Italian and the international restaurants served up 1st class food.


Everything was perfect as always . This was my 6th stay in this hotel chain and I am extremely glad that returning there, I see all the good things, which is why I choose this hotel. I will definitely come back.


Firstly, this is a beautiful resort - clean and spacious, plenty of places to sit, eat and drink, and the kids facilities are wonderful. Our four year-old, Charlotte, went to the kids club every morning (it's open all day), and there are splash pools, water slides, trampolines on the beach AND an enormous indoor soft play area, something we've never seen at a resort before. The kids shows and mini discos each evening were also great fun. This was our first holiday abroad since Charlotte was diagnosed as coeliac, so we were a bit worried going in. It was a shame that most things from the buffet were not suitable - and worth noting that things like ice cream and yoghurts that are usually gluten free in the UK had May Contain labels on them here. But - and this is a big but - the


One of the best resorts I’ve ever been in. Hotel services is not only about training, its a culture how to please your customers, and in this resort you can enjoy this culture everywhere and with every one. And my special thanks goes to guest relations office and Goçke in specific who did everything she can to support our stay. Thanks all @ Gloria golf resort


The Gloria Golf hotel was welcoming from the start of our trip. The staff were amazing and could not do enough for you. The food, especially the outside grill was fantastic, with plenty of choice for all kinds of diets. The shuttle buses between the hotel resort and the golf course were efficient and on time. We will definitely be back as we loved our stay here and felt totally safe through these COVID times. Fabulous


All nice items gathered in Gloria resorts ;foods ,atmosphere, services & staff. It was second time to be there & purposely chose it due to very nice location & all very good stuff are available in hotel. I would like to thanks all people who are giving very high quality services & my especial thanks to Miss Shima as an animator that during in our stay she gave us all useful info about entertainments in hotel in time. Hope see them again.

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