Стандартный номер курортного отеля Gloria Verde

Глория Верде 6 туров

Пакет Gloria Verde 6 Rounds включает в себя 12 или 14 ночей специального проживания по системе «все включено» в стандартных номерах с гольф-клубом на 6 раундов в гольф-комплексе Gloria. Специальная концепция «все включено» также включает в себя блюда и напитки из меню Clubhouse. 

Дополнительное поле для гольфа на любом другом поле в этом районе, краткосрочное или длительное пребывание, цены не для игроков в гольф и другие типы номеров доступны по запросу.

06.01.202228.02.202214Поля для гольфа Gloria14411261
01.03.202213.03.202214Поля для гольфа Gloria16641456
14.03.202231.03.202214Поля для гольфа Gloria17311514
01.04.202228.04.202214Поля для гольфа Gloria18901654
29.04.202212.05.202214Поля для гольфа Gloria21001838
13.05.202225.05.202214Поля для гольфа Gloria22051929
26.05.202202.06.202214Поля для гольфа Gloria20851824
03.06.202230.06.202214Поля для гольфа Gloria22952008
01.07.202228.07.202214Поля для гольфа Gloria25052192
29.07.202225.08.202214Поля для гольфа Gloria26102284
26.08.202222.09.202214Поля для гольфа Gloria25952271
23.09.202213.10.202214Поля для гольфа Gloria22051929
14.10.202231.10.202214Поля для гольфа Gloria21001838

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Пакеты услуг Gloria Verde Resort & Spa

Глория Верде Резорт и Спа
5, 7Ночи
2 раунда
с 470 €

Глория Верде 2 раунда

Гольф-пакет Gloria Verde Golf & Spa на 2 раунда включает в себя специальное проживание по системе «все включено» на 5 или 7 ночей и 2 раунда игры в гольф на полях Gloria.
Глория Верде Резорт и Спа
10, 7Ночи
4 раунда
с 732 €

Глория Верде 4 раунда

Гольф-пакет Gloria Verde Golf & Spa на 4 раунда включает специальное проживание по системе «все включено» на 7 или 10 ночей и 4 раунда игры в гольф на полях Gloria.
Глория Верде Резорт и Спа
12, 14Ночи
6 раунда
с 1162 €

Глория Верде 6 туров

Гольф-пакет Gloria Verde Golf & Spa на 6 раундов включает в себя специальное проживание по системе «все включено» на 12 или 14 ночей и гольф на 6 раундов на полях Gloria.
Based on 2,847 Reviews

We had been at the Gloria Golf threes times and at the Verde once before, and all I can say is that it is still as perfect as ever, with the All Inclusive formula now applicable to all stays. The golf courses are fantastic for all types of players and the food is excellent with 15 different hot meals to choose from. If you find your bed too hard, do not hesitate to ask for an extra layer to make it softer. The Verde hotel is my favourite because of the thalasso pool where you can relax after your game of golf. The shuttle bus takes you to the golf course in two minutes as it is just across the street but always take a buffer just in case it is late which happens occasionally.


THANKS to all the people who are working in GLORIA VERDE for the best service you can wish in your holiday! The friendly and helpful atmosphere is always there to make your requests come true. I also want to give you a big praise for all workarounds you made to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. You could feel totally safe.


We have just returned from our 3rd stay at Gloria Verde. Yet again, our visit did not disappoint. Our only disappointment was in having to leave and return home. This has become a hotel by which we gauge others. It has set the standard for us of what a good hotel stay should feel like. One of the aspects of this hotel that we love is its layout. There’s no pool views or sea views from your room, which may put some people off, but it’s actually a great quality due to how this is achieved at this hotel - the hotel buildings are set back away from and out of the sight of the pools and private beach, in their own secluded and pictureqsue grounds.This means that the rooms are quiet and the hotel building has a sense of calm and tranquility away from the action around the pools. Some


Personal was very friendly and helpful. I found thin walls between rooms little bit anoying because you hear from other rooms allmost everything. Food was very tasty, but varieaty is limited in comparison to other but bigger hotels. Golf course had little bit less grass on fairway, greens should have little bit more speed (as in Nobilis that time) but we enjoyed it. Maybe evening program could be not that loud, and maybe not every day, because we couldnt hear each other at the bar that time.


After checking in to the hotel, there is a complete teamwork until the moment of check-out. From the housekeeping team to the service staff, from the bar service to the lobby service, they work in full harmony. My heartfelt thanks to Ms. Süzül, Ms. Sahra, Ms. Hazal and many other staff that I cannot count. However, it is a shortcoming that the air conditioners do not work to heat the rooms. Also, the lack of night soup is a minus point.


As always the very very best from a top class hotel. Service is 5 star the staff exceed all expectations and the hotel is exceptional. The food is not just your normal all inclusive fair either areas maned by chefs who will serve up the best of whatever you may fancy.


I have stayed at the Verde many times and it just keeps getting better. Ive also written a couple of reviews in the past. I cant say enough good things about my visit. It was so good to be back after our visit was cancelled last year. We did go to the Gloria Serenity, whilst we had a great time there my heart is with the Verde. What made this trip extra special was seeing so many familiar faces. It felt like seeing old friends again. There are so many to mention, the staff are what makes this place so special for us. From Susu at the Zodiac Bar and the new addition of Goyan and the fabulous barman, sorry I forgot your name. Ridvan and his team at the Verde Pub, the grilled shrimp and the freshly cooked pasta are just wonderful. Small touches like Ridvan bringing us our


Nothing less than fantastic. The food is top class and amazing service also top class very controlled also in relation to corona We look forward to return next year as well with our friends to play golf also.


The menue offer is very big. Thematic menue offer will be helpful and we can learn new menues.e.g. twice a week or more menues of a selected turkish area and a foreign country or different kinds of aubergines menues or other main vegetables pf the turkish kitchen

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