Люкс Kaya Palazzo с видом на море, спальня

Кая Палаццо 3 тура

Пакет Kaya Palazzo 3 Rounds включает в себя проживание по системе «все включено» на 5, 6 или 7 ночей в стандартных номерах с 3-раундовым гольфом на поле для гольфа Kaya Palazzo.

Дополнительное поле для гольфа на любом другом поле в этом районе, краткосрочное или длительное пребывание, цены не для игроков в гольф и другие типы номеров доступны по запросу.

21.11.202128.02.202253 Kaya Palazzo600525
21.11.202128.02.202263 Kaya Palazzo690604
21.11.202128.02.202273 Kaya Palazzo780683
01.03.202231.03.202253 Kaya Palazzo710621
01.03.202231.03.202263 Kaya Palazzo810709
01.03.202231.03.202273 Kaya Palazzo910796
01.04.202230.04.202253 Kaya Palazzo760665
01.04.202230.04.202263 Kaya Palazzo870761
01.04.202230.04.202273 Kaya Palazzo980858
01.05.202210.06.202253 Kaya Palazzo805704
01.05.202210.06.202263 Kaya Palazzo930814
01.05.202210.06.202273 Kaya Palazzo1055923
01.09.202215.09.202273 Kaya Palazzo14701286
30.09.202220.10.202253 Kaya Palazzo11601015
30.09.202220.10.202263 Kaya Palazzo13201155
30.09.202220.10.202273 Kaya Palazzo14801295
21.10.202231.10.202253 Kaya Palazzo1060928
21.10.202231.10.202263 Kaya Palazzo12001050
21.10.202231.10.202273 Kaya Palazzo13401173
01.11.202230.11.202253 Kaya Palazzo985862
01.11.202230.11.202263 Kaya Palazzo1110971
01.11.202230.11.202273 Kaya Palazzo12351081
01.12.202228.02.202353 Kaya Palazzo760665
01.12.202228.02.202363 Kaya Palazzo870761
01.12.202228.02.202373 Kaya Palazzo980858
01.03.202331.03.202353 Kaya Palazzo985862
01.03.202331.03.202363 Kaya Palazzo1110971
01.03.202331.03.202373 Kaya Palazzo12351081
01.04.202327.04.202353 Kaya Palazzo1060928
01.04.202327.04.202363 Kaya Palazzo12001050
01.04.202327.04.202373 Kaya Palazzo13401173
28.04.202320.05.202353 Kaya Palazzo11601015
28.04.202320.05.202363 Kaya Palazzo13201155
28.04.202320.05.202373 Kaya Palazzo14801295
21.05.202310.06.202363 Kaya Palazzo12901129
21.05.202310.06.202373 Kaya Palazzo14701286

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Турпакеты в Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort

Кая Палаццо Гольф Резорт
5, 6, 7Ночи
2 раунда
с 540 €

Кая Палаццо 2 тура

Гольф-пакет Kaya Palazzo 2 Rounds включает 5, 6 или 7 ночей проживания по системе «все включено» и 2 раунда игры в гольф на полях Kaya Palazzo.
Кая Палаццо Гольф Резорт
5, 6, 7Ночи
3 раунда
с 580 €

Кая Палаццо 3 тура

Гольф-пакет Kaya Palazzo 3 Rounds включает 5, 6 или 7 ночей проживания по системе «все включено» и 3 раунда игры в гольф на полях Kaya Palazzo.
Кая Палаццо Гольф Резорт
10, 12, 14Ночи
6 раунда
с 1130 €

Кая Палаццо 6 туров

Гольф-пакет Kaya Palazzo 6 Rounds включает 10, 12 или 14 ночей проживания по системе «все включено» и 6 раундов игры в гольф на полях Kaya Palazzo.
Кая Палаццо Гольф Резорт
Гольф бесплатно или со скидкой
с 1210 €

Длительное пребывание в Lagoon Suites

Пакет Long Stay Lagoon Suites включает минимум 11 ночей проживания по системе «все включено» в роскошных люксах в форме лагуны, а также бесплатные или скидки на гостиничные услуги и гольф.
Based on 4,465 Reviews

I stayed in the hotel with my family. we love it. expecially staff is very friendly and very helpfully. we come back in summer time. see you summer time. we will try again. I advise this hotel for everyone.


We had an amazing time in December at Kaya Palazzo for 2 weeks. We stayed at the Palazzo Suite which was out of this world. The panoramic view of the sea from this suite is outstanding. We want to say a big thank you to RIDA who is the best asset of this hotel. he made us feel welcome and special from day one until the end of our holiday. The food was amazing, lots of varieties. A shout out to the 2 ABDIRAMANS and HAYDAR at the Golf section of the main restaurant,thank you for all your kindness and support. Thank you to house keeping for always keeping the room clean and spotless especially NACIYE. Guest Relations were very helpful and thanks for the birthday surprise. Overall this is a hotel to go to if you are after relaxation, high standards and quality.


Friendly staff, in particular Karina - being vegan she took great care of us. Great housekeeping, attentive and caring staff, always willing to help and accommodate your needs. Entertainment staff Momito and Ipka made the activities fun. Islam in the spa team was amazing. Restaurant staff is very good as well. Overall a perfect place to stay.


This was our 3rd visit to Kaya Pallazo, one before Covid hit at the end of 2019, one just as travel restrictions started to hit in 2020 and one November 2021. On our first visit, we obviously didn't know what to expect but the first thing that impressed me was the mix the hotel has between being very luxurious and a lot of fun. Pre-covid we were surprised by high end entertainment like pool parties, pier theme nights and ever a Bier Fest afternoon!! However if you want quiet spaces and relaxation you don't have to get involved if you don't want too. On our second visit, Covid was very new and we will all getting used to the various changes we needed to make and we were so impressed by the way the hotel and staff handled everything to try and make your stay so enjoyable. I


Dear, We are staying in Kaya Palazzo Hotel for 1 week. This is our second stay in this hotel. We love this hotel. Its very luxurious and very friendly. This is always difficult to find this combination. It matters to us. I would like to thank also to Mrs Munise, who is the team member of Guest relations. Everything is so fine. We will come back again and highly recommended.


We were in a party of 18 for a week’s golf. We haven’t stayed in Kaya Palazzo on our 2 previous trips. We really enjoyed our time here. The rooms are large, well furnished and well stocked with anything we could want. The staff were all pleasant and helpful. Particular shout out to guest relations for helping with mislaid jumper and printing off passenger locator forms.


We stayed 1 week at this hotel with our family (2 boys of 4 and 7 years old.) The room was perfect, very large, clean and comfortable: 2 bathrooms, 2 seperate parts to sleep, the bed was very comfortable 2 services / day. Mini bar included in the all-in and some extra biscuits in the room. Nice buffet restaurant with a huge offer and multiple other restaurants (buffet and fish restaurant included in all in, other restaurants: extra to pay). Very nice animation for kids: great variety of shows and activities: balloon show, rainbowday with painting,.... Kids club with playground and child swimmingpool, open all day, even if you just want to go with your children without leaving them. Great prof. shows in the evening too: acrobates, great dancers,...!!! Nice day activities: aqua


We came to Antalya to spend our honeymoon, and thanks god we picked kaya palazzo to do so. The experience started when we entered the hotel; and we were greeted by Alina and Dilara who told us that they upgraded our room because we are honeymooners with some more special surprizes ! We felt really special.... the food was excellent room was extraordinary. The environment is great and is suitable for all age groups. This is a great place to spend your vacation in and we'll ofcourse come back again 😀


An amazing hotel. All restaurants were fantastic all food was amazing and so much to choose from. All wait persons were excellent at providing service and always polite. The hotels has many pools and areas to sit, lay, relax and enjoy your holiday. Only one thing I would recommend is that more need to talk English sometimes hard to communicate with some wait staff.

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