Роскошные люксы «Лагуна» - «Закат»

Длительное пребывание в Lagoon Suites

Пакет Long Stay in Lagoon Suites включает минимум 11 ночей проживания по системе «все включено», а также несколько бесплатных или льготных гостиничных услуг и гольф на поле для гольфа Kaya Palazzo.

Дополнительное поле для гольфа на любом другом поле в этом районе, краткосрочное и продолжительное пребывание доступно по запросу.

И, конечно же, все трансферы включены в стоимость пакета.

Бесплатный трансфер из аэропорта

Один бесплатный трансфер в обе стороны между аэропортом Анталии и Regnum Carya.

Гольф бесплатно или со скидкой

С 01 декабря по 28 февраля в гольф можно играть бесплатно, а с 1 по 30 ноября и с 1 по 31 марта - со скидкой % 50.

Бесплатная прачечная

Действительно для стирки и глажки одежды.

25 % Скидка

Скидка 25% в ресторане и баре Kaya Palazzo Golf Cub

Роскошный люкс «Лагуна»

На человека в двухместном номере

€ 110

Одноместный номер

€ 165

1 взрослый + 1 ребенок

€ 165

1 взрослый + 2 ребенка

€ 220

2 взрослых + 1 ребенок

€ 220

2 взрослых + 2 детей

€ 220

3 взрослых + 1 ребенок

€ 297
  • Цены указаны за ночь и действительны в течение минимум 11 ночей.
  •  Ребенок: 02 - 11,99 лет
  • Рождественский гала-ужин 50,00 евро на человека и является обязательным.
  • Новогодний гала-ужин 70,00 евро на человека и является обязательным.

Скидка 50 % на обслуживание номеров

Скидка 50% будет применяться при обслуживании номеров и заказах

Скидки на СПА

30% Скидка на Vitality Spa Center

Бесплатная багги

Бесплатная багги, тележка, шары для игры в гольф в гольф-клубе Kaya Palazzo

Детали пакета

Форма запроса

Турпакеты в Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort

Кая Палаццо Гольф Резорт
5, 6, 7Ночи
2 раунда
с 540 €

Кая Палаццо 2 тура

Гольф-пакет Kaya Palazzo 2 Rounds включает 5, 6 или 7 ночей проживания по системе «все включено» и 2 раунда игры в гольф на полях Kaya Palazzo.
Кая Палаццо Гольф Резорт
5, 6, 7Ночи
3 раунда
с 580 €

Кая Палаццо 3 тура

Гольф-пакет Kaya Palazzo 3 Rounds включает 5, 6 или 7 ночей проживания по системе «все включено» и 3 раунда игры в гольф на полях Kaya Palazzo.
Кая Палаццо Гольф Резорт
10, 12, 14Ночи
6 раунда
с 1130 €

Кая Палаццо 6 туров

Гольф-пакет Kaya Palazzo 6 Rounds включает 10, 12 или 14 ночей проживания по системе «все включено» и 6 раундов игры в гольф на полях Kaya Palazzo.
Кая Палаццо Гольф Резорт
Гольф бесплатно или со скидкой
с 1210 €

Длительное пребывание в Lagoon Suites

Пакет Long Stay Lagoon Suites включает минимум 11 ночей проживания по системе «все включено» в роскошных люксах в форме лагуны, а также бесплатные или скидки на гостиничные услуги и гольф.
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Hi First of all . I had a great experience at the hotel and golf course. The stuff are really professional and helpful. But the restaurant at the golf course, there was a waitress probably she is new but she cant even talk English when im asking for a beer i had to explain her 5 times. Unprofessional i can say. And instead of talking she was shouting. I felt really bad. I thought i have done something wrong . Otherwise the rest was excellent


Superb golf academy and Pro shop. Friendly, welcoming and good value too. The facilities and the instruction are excellent. Managed to go over my long game, short game and swing technique in one lesson! My golf has really improved. Thanks Kivanc.


Very nice golf course for low or high handicaps. Well maintained. Excellent golf pro" Kivanç". Come here already 8 years and love the courses, especially the Kaya and it's Hotel.


It was my very first time on a golf resort and everything was just perfect. The hotel is big and well designed. Even though the hotel was kinda full you didn.t feel it. The maximum que in a main restaurant was 1 person in font of me. The food and drinks are great. The room is very comfortable. The staff is friendly and helpfull. The golf course is splendid! Love the clubhouse. That.s not very big but with everything you need. Thanks to amazing coaches! I was with a group and they help everyone! Each and every coach was ready to help even if you weren.t on the driving range . Special thanks to the coach pro Kivanc who helped me with putting and spent a lot of time to show how to see the putting line. The individual lessons I had with him were good as he is professional with patience and he knows how to teach people to improve their swing. Will be back for sure and highly recommend this golf club! You.ll love it!


The course is one of the less challenging courses in Belek, that said it's a great track. It has a nice balance of difficult holes and easier holes for the less competent player. The course was presented and excellent condition both greens and fairways were lovely. Enough water hazards to keep a player concentrating but not impossible to par many of the holes. The shop at the club house was a delight and players who like a bargain will be very pleased. We previously travelled to Belek town because the Pro shops were so expensive but not anymore!


I had 3 lessons with Kivanc the club pro., during a one week stay. He is an excellent coach who quickly appraises the players strengths and weaknesses. He coaches with words and pictures, encouraging the player to move away from swing thoughts and focus more on an end target. This really worked for me, thanks Kivanc!


Perfect natural complex, green territory and facilities. Even if you are not a golfer, other facilities are also good. Food&Beer&Service is excellent. Good staff and special thanks to Ecem. Cleaning and hygiene is also satisfying. Really hope to see u next year!!


Every year we are playing golf .and this is our first time in Kaya palazzo. Kaya golf club is amazing, we enjoyed a lot. The staff is very helpful. See you on March again .


This hotel has a very hight atmosphere it means a Good Service, en excellente golf course. A very Good relationship with a guest relationship...

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