Стандартный номер Titanic Belek

Titanic Deluxe 2 раунда

Titanic Deluxe 2 Rounds golf package include 7 nights high-class all-inclusive accommodations with 2 rounds golf on Aspendos and Olympos Golf Courses or Cullinan Golf Club. Food and beverages are also included on the Golf Course except June, July, August.

Если вы хотите играть больше, мы всегда можем организовать дополнительные раунды на любых других полях в этом районе. Нет необходимости упоминать, что мы также организуем все трансферы между отелями и полями для гольфа, а также от и до аэропорт.

ИзЧтобыНочиКурсыЦенаGroup 8 ++
01.04.202227.04.20227Cullinan Links - курсы Aspendos и Olympos718Group Leader Free
28.04.202220.05.20227Cullinan Links - курсы Aspendos и Olympos790Group Leader Free
21.05.202230.05.20227Cullinan Links - курсы Aspendos и Olympos902Group Leader Free
01.09.202219.09.20227Cullinan Links - курсы Aspendos и Olympos1173Group Leader Free
20.09.202216.10.20227Cullinan Links - курсы Aspendos и Olympos1054Group Leader Free
17.10.202231.10.20227Cullinan Links - курсы Aspendos и Olympos925Group Leader Free
01.11.202220.11.20227Cullinan Links - курсы Aspendos и Olympos797Group Leader Free
21.11.202230.11.20227Cullinan Links - курсы Aspendos и Olympos610Group Leader Free
01.12.202224.12.20227Cullinan Links - курсы Aspendos и Olympos540Group Leader Free
25.12.202201.01.20237Cullinan Links - курсы Aspendos и Olympos638Group Leader Free
02.01.202313.02.20237Cullinan Links - курсы Aspendos и Olympos540Group Leader Free
14.02.202325.02.20237Cullinan Links - курсы Aspendos и Olympos570Group Leader Free
26.02.202331.03.20237Cullinan Links - курсы Aspendos и Olympos734PGA Pro Free
01.04.202327.04.20237Cullinan Links - курсы Aspendos и Olympos776PGA Pro Free
28.04.202320.05.20237Cullinan Links - курсы Aspendos и Olympos825PGA Pro Free
21.05.202331.05.20237Cullinan Links - курсы Aspendos и Olympos944PGA Pro Free
01.09.202319.09.20237Cullinan Links - курсы Aspendos и Olympos1225PGA Pro Free
20.09.202316.10.20237Cullinan Links - курсы Aspendos и Olympos1099PGA Pro Free
17.10.202331.10.20237Cullinan Links - курсы Aspendos и Olympos985PGA Pro Free
01.11.202320.11.20237Cullinan Links - курсы Aspendos и Olympos810Group Leader Free
21.11.202330.11.20237Cullinan Links - курсы Aspendos и Olympos712Group Leader Free
01.12.202324.12.20237Cullinan Links - курсы Aspendos и Olympos602Group Leader Free
25.12.202301.01.20247Cullinan Links - курсы Aspendos и Olympos714Group Leader Free

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Пакеты Titanic Deluxe Resort

Titanic Deluxe Golf Белек
Стандартный номер Titanic Belek
От 540 €
Titanic Deluxe 2 раунда
Гольф-пакет Titanic Deluxe 2 Rounds включает 7 ночей высококлассного проживания по системе «все включено» и 2 раунда игры в гольф на полях Cullinan Golf Clubs Olympos и Aspendos.
Titanic Deluxe Golf Белек
Куллинан Ссылки
От 595 €
Titanic Deluxe 3 раунда
Гольф-пакет Titanic Deluxe 3 Rounds включает в себя 7 ночей проживания в отеле высокого класса по системе «все включено» и 3 раунда игры в гольф на поле для гольфа Cullinan Links.
Titanic Deluxe Golf Белек
Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek бассейн и река
От 650 €
Titanic Deluxe 4 раунда
Пакет Titanic Deluxe 4 Rounds включает 7 ночей в первоклассном проживании по системе «все включено» и 4 раунда игры в гольф на полях, перечисленных в таблице цен.

Titanic Deluxe Resort Reviews


Urgently needed a holiday and this wonderful hotel made it a holiday to remember. Nothing was too much for them. The staff are all lovely. Makes a difference when people look as though they enjoy their jobs. Super clean everywhere. Beach to die for. Overall best hotel I have been to in Belek.


It was fantastic hotel with nice restaurants and pools.I is located in belek and I rnjoyed to be ghere for a week Restarant menu was brilliant with meat and chickens and sea foods like fish and shrimp.I thanks Alireza in guest service and I thought Gulsilan in house cleaning.


Before coming to this hotel , we red all reviews about this hotel. We found all comments positive and when we compare the peoces between this hotel and the others we got here will be the best choise and we we arrived we found out that we thought right . At our first day we discovered alll of hotel, it takes toooo much tome but deserved ☺️ Foods foods foods 😋😋 we got fatter here 🤨😕 but we loved foods here . Our room was riverside and jungle view , we appreciate reception team for the room . We appreciate hotel staff also because of their helps , Persian Alireza always supported us about everything also thanks to Ramin in guest seevice .


It is a fantastic hotel with very large territory. Although there are so many in-house guests but due to its large scale it is literally not overcrowded. Service, cuisine and staff are on the highest level. I fell in love with their rooms that have direct access to the swimming pool. It was incredible: as all what you need to do is to open your door to the terrace and jump into the swimming pool. There is also a private beach to which you go by boat - another fantastic experience. On the beach you are treated with their bar hospitality. Highly recommend this hotel for leisure, weddings (many outdoor spaces), honeymoons and any other private moments in the life. BR, Lana Wedding Planner


if you are thinking to enjoy for one week and do not leave your place close your eyes and just do it! workers are not good, they are amazing ! seevices and pools are what i can say the best in Turkey ! Turkish bath is were we reduced all of stresses there . foods are much and drinks are high quality. Beach is os long, services at beach is just perfect . Night club , disco and karaoke was best part of our evening time . Baklavas and and patisseries maked us fatter ahahaha !! the best suger tasties are here. Our room was cleaning everyday as best as possible. Fatma at lobby bar , Housekeepre maid Mrs. Fatma Ozgul , Ramin and Alireza at guest service .


titanic deluxe is the best hotel. we are here for the first time, enjoyable! we play golf here thats so cool! also the kitchen and bars are great too. sport games are very fun and interesting we love them! me and my friends are having fun here for sure. thank you!


I was in Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek for an official event. Even it was a business trip, especially Öyküm and Oğuz (in the cafe) made me feel like it was a holiday. Normally, I am against resort hotel holiday mentality; however the nature, the sea/river and service change my view.


Perfect accommodation and service. Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek is perfect place for holiday for golfers and non golfers as well. So many great golf courses within maximum 30 min. We’ll come back for sure. For more golf at beautiful golf courses. Thank you so much🙏🏼


We visited the Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek resort between the 5th and 12th of November 2021. We chose this hotel because it had the widest range of restaurants and activities open at this time of year and because, well, look at the pictures and see for yourself – it looked lovely! Although our travel operator had advised that 4-5 of the 14 restaurants would be closed out of season, this was not the case for our visit and we were in for a treat because they were delicious! I would not hesitate to book again and am already looking at dates to return next year with friends and family; this is significant as I have never wanted to visit the same area twice, yet alone the same resort! Now, for those of you that prefer the detail, I have done my best to remember everything I hope

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