Cornelia Faldo Golf Course

Cornelia Faldo Golf Course

The 27 holes Cornelia Faldo Golf Course has been delighting visitors of all handicaps since its opening in 2006. The course, which can be played in 3 different configurations of 18 known as the King, the Queen and the Prince, provides a variety of different challenges for golfers of all abilities who have come to play in the Belek area.

Designed by professional golfer Nick Faldo, the course regularly makes it onto lists of the top 100 best course in Europe, as voted for by players. It has also played host to a number of international tournaments. Once you get out on to the course, you will certainly see why that is; varied terrain, challenging doglegs and excellent on-site facilities means that this course is the whole package.

The course is routed around pine forests, and the design makes use of the naturally sandy Belek terrain to produce tricky yet enjoyable hazards. As many of the holes are short, the challenges of the course come from working out where best to place your shots, rather simply than being able to drive long. However, those who are able to play a smart game of golf are sure to enjoy all of the challenges that are thrown at them by the Cornelia Faldo course.

Onsite facilities at the Cornelia Faldo are second to none. Visitors are able to gain guidance and support from the David Leadbetter Golf Academy (DLGA), which has opened its first site in Turkey at the Cornelia Faldo. The methods and philosophies utilized by the David Leadbetter school have revolutionized golf teaching worldwide. When combined with state-of-the-art technologies, the Academy has proven time and time again that they can improve the game of all golfers, regardless of age or ability.

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Hole by Hole "Tips from Faldo"

Hole 1 – Taurus Mountains

Place your drive down the centre of the fairway to avoid the waste areas down both sides of this hole. This is a relatively short hole but check your yardages and take enough club to reach this heavily contoured green.

Hole 2 – Corridor

The best advice here is to keep your ball straight down this long and narrow corridor. Play your percentages, carefully pick your landing areas and steer clear of the deep greenside bunker.

Hole 3 – Jaws

A short but deceptive uphill par 3 hole. This elevated green location makes club selection very important. Should you fall short of this undulating green then the Jaws located well below the green will gather in your ball.

Hole 4 – Fox hole

Although this hole appears to be very narrow from the tee, there is actually more room available than you think. However, don’t allow your drive to slide too far right as the fairway falls sharply off into the waste area and your approach into the semi-blind green will be blocked off by tall trees.

Hole 5 – Wall

This is an average length par 5 hole with a green that hangs out over the lake. A right to left tee shot is required here, although too far left as your ball will either end up a long way below the fairway or in the scrub vegetation. Should you manage to find the higher section of fairway, then it may be possible to reach this green in 2 shots, providing that you can get over the wall!

Hole 6 – Plateau

A green located on a high plateau, with steep sided slopes and a strong cross wind make this a really tough, target par 3 hole.

Hole 7 – Faldo’s choice

Faldo’s choice is simple. Either play safe towards the higher ground or go for the green in one shot. Either way the green slopes from left to the right towards 3 deep greenside bunkers with dense native vegetation all around. Which ever way you choose to play this hole, accuracy and control are of the utmost importance.

Hole 8 – Twins

The tight line off the tee is between the 2 large pines and the 2 bunkers set into the bank of the lake. Providing you manage to avoid both sets of twins then you will be rewarded with a shorter pitch into this difficult green. Should you take the more cautious approach and play down the centre of the fairway, then you will have a much longer approach shot into the green which must carry over the cavernous greenside bunker.

Hole 9 – Straight home

Time to head straight home with a well placed drive that will hopefully avoid the 4 fairway bunkers. Ideally, the right side of the fairway is preferred as this will present you with a clearer view into this heavily bunkered green complex with the sanctuary of the clubhouse just over the ridge.

Hole 10 – Waste

The ideal drive here is a slight left to right shot, but be careful not to over do it, as a waste area protects the inside of the dogleg, whilst the narrow green is protected by a large Pine tree.

Hole 11 – The Long

As the name suggests, this is a very long hole and a true par 5 even for the big hitters! Try to shape your drive to turn the right and around corner. This will set up the best position from which to plan the rest of the hole. With your second shot steer clear of the lake down the right and with you approach, be careful to avoid the deep hollows and the mound which protect the right half of green. You will have to work hard for par here!

Hole 12 – The Dip

Depending on the wind direction, your shot across ‘the dip’ could play quite short or very long. Be sure of your club selection and play for the centre of the green.

Hole 13 – Deception

Play down the left side of the fairway in order to open up the green. Too far right and the fairway bunkers come more into play and provide the deception. Check your yardages!

Hole 14 – The swing

You must swing your tee shot from left to right on this long par 3 which plays downhill towards the lake. Anything shot of the putting surface will feed towards the waste areas. Carry too long and surely you’ll be in the lake!

Hole 15 – The Glen

The Glen appears to be wide open and presents the opportunity to open the shoulders for a long drive. However, a carry over a waste area, deep bunkers, an undulating fairway and a narrow green make this a more difficult hole than first perceived.

Hole 16 – Pond

This is an average length but narrow par 5 hole, that requires you must shape your drive from right to left. Should you avoid the 3 fairway bunkers, and then going for the green in 2 shots is a real possibility; however the green is protected by deep bunkers, a small pond on the left and a large lake to the rear.

Hole 17 – Front to back

This par 4 may be short in length but will present a tough test of ability. You must find the fairway off the tee before playing your approach into this elevated and very narrow green which slopes from the front to the back.

Hole 18 – Mountain peak

Drive long and straight towards the mountain peak on this the longest of the par 4 holes. You will need to shape your approach shot from left to right around the Pine tree in the centre of the fairway and make sure you take enough club in order to find the putting surface.

Hole 19 – The Black Hill

From the shadow of the clubhouse, guide your drive onto the higher ground down the right side of the fairway. This will present you with the best line of approach into the green situated on the top of the hill. A drive down the left and you will leave yourself with a tricky blind pitch over a deep greenside bunker.

Hole 20 – Eucalyptus

After an easy start, Eucalyptus presents a much steemer test. From the elevated tee position, you are required to turn your ball from right to left around the corner. From the fairway, you must play a controlled approach shot into the green which is set on the slope of the ridge and protected by the lake on the right and a pot bunker on the left.

Hole 21 – The Pots

This is a short par 3 hole with a heavily contoured and well-protected green. Four very deep pot bunkers guard the front with a fifth bunker to rear. Be sure to find the putting surface or you could be in the sand for a very long time.

Hole 22 – 3 Sisters

Guide your tee shot past the tall pines and the fairway bunkers to set up a mid-iron approach into the green. Check your yardages and be careful to avoid the three sisters who are waiting to catch any misplaced approach shot.

Hole 23 – Split

The fairway for this par 5 sweeps from the left to the right then left again to the green and is split by a belt of dense natural vegetation. Place your drive between the two tall pine trees that frame either side of the fairway. Carry the natural vegetation and aim to land shy of the line of sight bunkers to leave you with a short pitch into the green.

Hole 24 – Aquarius

The only required carry over water on the entire course. Either play to the right of the two pine trees onto the safer high side of the fairway or take the more difficult line to the left of these trees. Naturally, the more difficult line will be rewarded with a much easier approach into this green. Whichever route you take, be sure not to go long with your approach shot, otherwise, you will end up wet!

Hole 25 – Step

From within the chute of trees, try to shape your tee shot from right to left into the green. There is a steep step in the putting surface so ensure that you find the correct level, otherwise, a three-putt or more may be on the card.

Hole 26 - A tight squeeze

As the name suggests, it is a tight squeeze through the trees to find this fairway. Try to place your drive as close as possible to the two fairway bunkers, as this will provide you with the best view of the rest of the hole.With the narrow fairway, it may be prudent to play for this green in regulation and place your approach shot shy of the two greenside bunkers that protect the green

Hole 27 – Lakes

Keeping your drive down the centre of this final fairway is essential here. However, with the cross winds that sweep across these lakes, this may not be easy thing to do. The best line of approach into this green is indicated by the old gnarly pine that sits on the slope. Club selection is important again, as you need enough club to carry over the corner of the lake. Come up short and you will have a wet end to you around.

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Cornelia Deluxe Unlimited

Cornelia Deluxe Unlimited golf package includes deluxe all-inclusive accommodation and 4 rounds pre-booked unlimited golf on the Faldo golf course.
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Cornelia Diamond Spring Golf Tournament

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Based on 314 Reviews

Having played a number of golf courses in the Belek area , this was our first visit to the Cornelia golf club. We had a 7:10 tee off time, just as the sun was rising. We played the King/Prince combination of holes - really enjoyed the different features of this golf course - tight undulating fairways, elevation changes from tee to green, well placed water hazards. The greens and fairways were in good condition - there had been a lot of work carried out to tidy up the areas around the tees and cart paths. We will certainly visit again the next time we play golf in Belek.


Party of 8 handicaps between 4 and 16. Amazingly manicured fairways first cut and fringes. Greens fabulous. Very undulating with swailles and hollows, need to be at the right part of the green. Very few straight putts on these greens. I had been told by my clubs professional who had just returned from Cornelia that the course was the best in the area by some distance and warned not to stray too far off the fairways. It was not as daunting as we feared. The courses are difficult but most enjoyable. Some of the best holes I've seen anywhere. 3 nines King, Queen and Princes. All spectacular with tough finishing holes. A must play course if you're in Belek area.


Resort all good however only negative was room not suitable for 3 adults. Was offered alternatives however not much difference. Pull out bed not satisfactory for 1 week stay. Regards P.Chico


Just returned from a week in Belek and played fantastic courses every day. We stayed at the Cornelia Diamond and played 2 rounds at the Faldo course(s). It's made up of 3 nines; King, Queen and Prince. All 3 were in superb condition right through from tee to green. The greens are tricky and there is plenty of water too so the courses take some playing. Don't be put off though, there are no really long carries so just hit it straight. The staff are all great and there is a free shuttle bus from the Cornelia hotels too. We were in a group with handicaps between 8 and 36 and everyone enjoyed the golf. Thoroughly recommend - try it.


The starters box and beginning of the journey on this round wasn't up to much but what a fabulous golf course. A course where you stand on tee and have to think about your golf shots. Tight off the tee? Yes and no. It looks it but their is more space than you think and if you hit a bad one the rough is bare so chip out and go again. Only let down by the par 3s. There was one good one. 210yards one on the back 9 but the others were very similar. Id recommend you get out early on this course as if your stuck behind a group of golfing ninjas then it could be a frustrating and long day. Beer buggy in pursuit a number of times and cold ice towels a nice touch as the sun started to burn a hot in you. Definitely worth a visit here. Bring your A-game.


Played 2 rounds of 18 holes with my spouse at this course, it was a lovely experience. The course cators for every level of golfer, my wife a high HC, i play of 13, and we had a blast. Well maintained, super friendly staff. We were lucky that one was around on the day, so there was no pressure at all. Club hiuse is huge and beautifull, we will try some food next time we go. Thanks


Visited with 11 friends. Handicaps ranged from 6 to over 20. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and thought the courses were in fantastic condition. Some reviews have complained about the balls running off fairways unless you are down the middle. This is not the case. The fairways are quite generous. I don't know of any course where hitting the ball wide is favourable. It's a fair challange course and very enjoyable. Would recommend any club golfer play it.


Without doubt the hardest golf course I have ever played. It is in wonderful condition and has almost impossible greens. Fantastic fun on every hole


Nice but expensive.It seems every golf course is jumping on the band wagon and charging silly prices.

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