Kaya Belek

Kaya Belek 2 Rounds

Kaya Belek 2 Rounds package includes 5,6 or 7 nights all-inclusive accommodations in standard rooms with 2 rounds golf on Kaya Palazzo golf course. 

Additional golf on any other course in the area, shorter – longer stays, non-golfer prices and other room types are available on request.

Pounds Sterling
01.09.202115.09.202172 Kaya Palazzo780683
30.09.202108.11.202152 Kaya Palazzo570499
30.09.202108.11.202162 Kaya Palazzo650569
30.09.202108.11.202172 Kaya Palazzo730639
09.11.202120.11.202152 Kaya Palazzo495433
09.11.202120.11.202162 Kaya Palazzo560490
09.11.202120.11.202172 Kaya Palazzo625547
21.11.202128.02.202252 Kaya Palazzo390341
21.11.202128.02.202262 Kaya Palazzo442387
21.11.202128.02.202272 Kaya Palazzo494432
01.03.202231.03.202252 Kaya Palazzo470411
01.03.202231.03.202262 Kaya Palazzo530464
01.03.202231.03.202272 Kaya Palazzo590516
01.04.202230.04.202252 Kaya Palazzo520455
01.04.202230.04.202262 Kaya Palazzo590516
01.04.202230.04.202272 Kaya Palazzo660578
01.05.202210.06.202252 Kaya Palazzo550481
01.05.202210.06.202262 Kaya Palazzo630551
01.05.202210.06.202272 Kaya Palazzo710621
01.09.202115.09.202172 Kaya Palazzo703615
30.09.202108.11.202152 Kaya Palazzo510446
30.09.202108.11.202162 Kaya Palazzo584511
30.09.202108.11.202172 Kaya Palazzo658576
09.11.202120.11.202152 Kaya Palazzo440385
09.11.202120.11.202162 Kaya Palazzo500438
09.11.202120.11.202172 Kaya Palazzo560490
21.11.202128.02.202252 Kaya Palazzo342299
21.11.202128.02.202262 Kaya Palazzo390341
21.11.202128.02.202272 Kaya Palazzo438383
01.03.202231.03.202252 Kaya Palazzo420368
01.03.202231.03.202262 Kaya Palazzo476417
01.03.202231.03.202272 Kaya Palazzo532466
01.04.202230.04.202252 Kaya Palazzo465407
01.04.202230.04.202262 Kaya Palazzo530464
01.04.202230.04.202272 Kaya Palazzo595521
01.05.202210.06.202252 Kaya Palazzo490429
01.05.202210.06.202262 Kaya Palazzo564494
01.05.202210.06.202272 Kaya Palazzo638558

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Kaya Belek Hotel Packages

Kaya Belek Hotel
5, 6, 7Nights
2 Rounds
from 350 €
Kaya Belek 2 Rounds
Kaya Belek 2 Rounds golf package include 5,6 or 7 nights all-inclusive accommodation and 2 rounds golf on the Kaya Palazzo golf courses.
Kaya Belek Hotel
5, 6, 7Nights
3 Rounds
from 390 €
Kaya Belek 3 Rounds
Kaya Belek 3 Rounds golf package include 5,6 or 7 nights all-inclusive accommodation and 3 rounds golf on the Kaya Palazzo golf courses.
Kaya Belek Hotel
10, 12, 14Nights
6 Rounds
from 750 €
Kaya Belek 6 Rounds
Kaya Belek 6 Rounds golf package include 10,12 or 14 nights all-inclusive accommodation and 6 rounds golf on the Kaya Palazzo golf courses.
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The animators were very kind and helpful all the time. Made our holiday fun and super enjoyable. Lili is an amazing person and very warm-hearted with the children. The main restaurant service, especially Berk was always the best and most respectful and professional. Emre from the beach bar made all of our nights so special with his charm and good sense of humour. Thank you Kaya, Belek! We loved it here.


The hotel is very comfortable the staff is very kind a lot of activities a lot of pools clean rooms the entertainment is very good especially Anastassia is very kind with beautiful smile the food is very delicious the barmen is very good all the hotel is very nice


If I am enter this hotel when I arrived kaya belek I see hilal she is in guest relations and she is so kind and he is very elite person she speak English and other language we are understand about ally the section on the hotel all the places out in the hotel.and all the person is good and foods is very good and room is clean housekeeping is good hotel is nice and everybody is good and aslı good girl in the bar other girls I will advice all my friends to come here.


Expellebt hotel everything was wonderfully and personal so perfect guest relations is so helpful for us I come Urdu and I wanna comeback turkey belek is so good in summer time its really friendly hotel everything perfect and wonderful I think I can come again thx for everything


We managed to visit the hotel after the pandemic in 2020 (September). Before that, we were in several hotels in Turkey, Egypt, Crete – there is something to compare with. We traveled with a child for the first time. About the hotel there were only positive impressions, the rest was a success – a very cozy hotel with a good location, focused on family holidays. Especially impressed by the green, well-groomed large area with restaurants, bars, swimming pools, SPA, children's playground, entertainment, tennis court, horse farm (for an additional fee, you can ride horses-my son was delighted). A huge variety of dishes. A good children's town, there are swimming pools and slides for children. Lovers of the sandy beach will be especially comfortable here. There is a lot of


Pros - generally all staff is polite and helpful - placed close to the airport - beach facilities is good - they really tried to keep things surfaces clean and disinfected because of COVID-19, everywhere were placed sanitizers. Really great job here. - the food was good (especially local dishes at evening) - picturesque hotel area with big trees, bush and flowers, cats - the room is big enough - animation teem need to be additionally mentioned here for the great job Cons - the room is bit tired (still good, but there some visual issues) - sometimes there was loud disco somewhere near the hotel till 1.30am so there might be noisy - there no internet at the room so if you plan to work a bit, you'd better to buy local sim. This is not only a cons I'd say, because there you can


What can I say. This has been the most perfect and amazing 2 week holiday. Myself and my partner Ronan had 3 holidays cancelled during COVID and expected this one to be cancelled too, but it really was exactly what we needed after such a crazy year. A special shout out to Sam and Carlito from the animation team. You guys (and the whole team) are absolutely amazing and I don't know where you get your endless energy from. THE ROOM Gorgeous, large double room with a balcony overlooking the pool. Very big and has a minibar which is constantly restocked with juices etc. Air conditioning works well. Only thing is that the beds are very hard (I know some people like this and some don't so its neither a pro or con!). The lovely housekeeping staff keep the room spic and span everyday


Hello to everyone. I was at the hotel for the first time from September 17 to September 27 of 2020. The hotel is regular one, good but nothing specil, But the personal of the hotel is the best! they will force you to smile! Especially Animation team! Ive been to Turkey more than 15 times and i can say it is the best team i have ever seen! they will make your vacation! They all so attentive, fun and caring! Activities during the day are made very professiinal and they always gather the people so you don't have to wait fot the begining and shows in the evening are the most intresting especially those which made by team, so fun! So i want to say many thanks to all the Team! Emin, Hakan,Eli, Carlito, Marco, Sam, Halil and small Hakan you all made my holiday i could not be more


Hotel is not new but has very good choice of food and has memorable service. The rooms are clean. Nice sandy beach. Especially friendly for families and kids. Highly recommend for a quiet and relaxing stay.

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