Kaya Palazzo Main Pool

Kaya Palazzo 2 Rounds

Kaya Palazzo 2 Rounds package includes 5,6 or 7 nights all-inclusive accommodations in standard rooms with 2 rounds golf on Kaya Palazzo golf course.

Additional golf on any other course in the area, shorter – longer stays, non-golfer prices and other room types are available on request.

Pounds Sterling

FromToNightsCourses€ Price€ Group Price
01.04.202230.04.202252 Kaya Palazzo700613
01.04.202230.04.202262 Kaya Palazzo800700
01.04.202230.04.202272 Kaya Palazzo900788
01.05.202210.06.202252 Kaya Palazzo755661
01.05.202210.06.202262 Kaya Palazzo870761
01.05.202210.06.202272 Kaya Palazzo985862
01.09.202215.09.202272 Kaya Palazzo13901216
30.09.202220.10.202252 Kaya Palazzo980858
30.09.202220.10.202262 Kaya Palazzo1120980
30.09.202220.10.202272 Kaya Palazzo12601103
21.10.202231.10.202252 Kaya Palazzo880770
21.10.202231.10.202262 Kaya Palazzo1000875
21.10.202231.10.202272 Kaya Palazzo1120980
01.11.202230.11.202252 Kaya Palazzo810709
01.11.202230.11.202262 Kaya Palazzo920805
01.11.202230.11.202272 Kaya Palazzo1030901
01.12.202228.02.202352 Kaya Palazzo655573
01.12.202228.02.202362 Kaya Palazzo750656
01.12.202228.02.202372 Kaya Palazzo845739
01.03.202331.03.202352 Kaya Palazzo830726
01.03.202331.03.202362 Kaya Palazzo940823
01.03.202331.03.202372 Kaya Palazzo1050919
01.04.202327.04.202352 Kaya Palazzo880770
01.04.202327.04.202362 Kaya Palazzo1000875
01.04.202327.04.202372 Kaya Palazzo1120980
28.04.202320.05.202352 Kaya Palazzo980858
28.04.202320.05.202362 Kaya Palazzo1120980
28.04.202320.05.202372 Kaya Palazzo12601103
21.05.202310.06.202362 Kaya Palazzo12201068
21.05.202310.06.202372 Kaya Palazzo13901216

FromToNightsCourses£ Price£ Group Price
01.03.202231.03.202252 Kaya Palazzo585512
01.03.202231.03.202262 Kaya Palazzo666583
01.03.202231.03.202272 Kaya Palazzo747654
01.04.202230.04.202252 Kaya Palazzo635556
01.04.202230.04.202262 Kaya Palazzo726635
01.04.202230.04.202272 Kaya Palazzo817715
01.05.202210.06.202252 Kaya Palazzo685599
01.05.202210.06.202262 Kaya Palazzo790691
01.05.202210.06.202272 Kaya Palazzo895783
01.09.202215.09.202272 Kaya Palazzo12651107
30.09.202220.10.202252 Kaya Palazzo885774
30.09.202220.10.202262 Kaya Palazzo1012886
30.09.202220.10.202272 Kaya Palazzo1139997
21.10.202231.10.202252 Kaya Palazzo795696
21.10.202231.10.202262 Kaya Palazzo904791
21.10.202231.10.202272 Kaya Palazzo1013886
01.11.202230.11.202252 Kaya Palazzo730639
01.11.202230.11.202262 Kaya Palazzo830726
01.11.202230.11.202272 Kaya Palazzo930814
01.12.202228.02.202352 Kaya Palazzo590516
01.12.202228.02.202362 Kaya Palazzo676592
01.12.202228.02.202372 Kaya Palazzo762667
01.03.202331.03.202352 Kaya Palazzo750656
01.03.202331.03.202362 Kaya Palazzo850744
01.03.202331.03.202372 Kaya Palazzo950831
01.04.202327.04.202352 Kaya Palazzo795696
01.04.202327.04.202362 Kaya Palazzo904791
01.04.202327.04.202372 Kaya Palazzo1013886
28.04.202320.05.202352 Kaya Palazzo885774
28.04.202320.05.202362 Kaya Palazzo1012886
28.04.202320.05.202372 Kaya Palazzo1139997
21.05.202310.06.202362 Kaya Palazzo1110971
21.05.202310.06.202372 Kaya Palazzo12651107

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Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort Packages

Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort
Kaya Palazzo Main Pool
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Kaya Palazzo 2 Rounds
Kaya Palazzo 2 Rounds golf package include 5,6 or 7 nights all-inclusive accommodation and 2 rounds golf on the Kaya Palazzo golf courses.
Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort
Kaya Palazzo Suite Sea View Bedroom
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Kaya Palazzo 3 Rounds
Kaya Palazzo 3 Rounds golf package include 5,6 or 7 nights all-inclusive accommodation and 3 rounds golf on the Kaya Palazzo golf courses.
Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort
Kaya Palazzo Golf Course
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Kaya Palazzo 6 Rounds
Kaya Palazzo 6 Rounds golf package include 10,12 or 14 nights all-inclusive accommodation and 6 rounds golf on the Kaya Palazzo golf courses.
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Lagoon Suites - Kaya Palazzo
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Lagoon Suite Packages
Lagoon Suite Golf Packages include 3 rounds of golf on Kaya Palazzo Golf Course – Enjoy 75 m2 suites with direct access to the shared pool & exclusive services.

The hotel was excellent and we were very happy with our accommodation. Good choice of meals from the buffet and the beach bar. Fun evenings, dancing to live music and watching shows. As golfers we found the golf course challenging and very well maintained. But most of all the staff were friendly and attentive, so a big thank you for making our holiday very special.


The hotel has very compact area but with good organised infrastructure which makes all guests feel quite comfortable. A big thanks to the animation team, who does their best to entertain the guests and keep the vacation spirit on. Anastasiya with the girls are always warm - welcomed regardless if it’s a morning yoga or evening party on the beach.


We are very happy with the stay here for 5 days. Very nice service and staff. Helpful for any issues we had. I would recommend it for all family members seeking a relaxing vacation during the summer👍


It was a good hotel like 8 out of 10. Food was very good except deserts. There is a la cart option at beach restaurant for free. We stayed at luxurious lagoon suit and it was definitely worth it. Turkish staff made our holiday better. Russian/Ukrainian staff was inexperienced and not that much kind. If you have children, you can stay for a week since most families have children, but if you don’t have children, staying 3-4 nights will be enough for this hotel.


I visited this hotel in September 2021 and I had a great time there! The service was very good, Great food and Drinks. Entertainment team was very good, and Alina from reception was very very helpful. We will definitely go back again to Kaya Palazzo!


Great hotel for people who want to relax. If you like to party hard, then this hotel might not be a good option for you. Food is good, the beach is clean. Most of the guests are from Russia and Europe. Majority of guests are 60+ and young couples with babies


Friendly staff, in particular waiters Mucahit and Semih. Great housekeeping, attentive and caring staff, always willing to help and accommodate your needs. Good choice of food. Our daughter enjoyed daily kids activities and entertainments.


Kaya is a reall good hotel. professional staff, food excellent, hotel new and clean. We expecially appreciated the service of the golf where we played serveral rounds. Course is in excellent conditions and manager hasan was really helpful to accomodate our requests. we ll come back in october


Hotel very good)) beautifull. Sport very good, agwaspeening) pool personal so kind and so good. Thank you very much!!!!! We will back)) Okan and Talip soo good personal!!!! Thanks. Animathion team very proffeshional. Muzik very good!!

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