Kempinski The Dome Outdoor Pool

Kempinski Hotels The Dome 2 Rounds

Kempinski Hotels The Dome 2 Rounds package, includes 7 nights all-inclusive accommodations in standard rooms with 2 rounds golf; 1 on Pasha and the other on the PGA Sultan golf course.

Additional golf on any other course in the area, shorter – longer stays, non-golfer prices and other room types are available on request.

Pounds Sterling

FromToBased onNightsCourses€ Price€ Group Price
01.05.202222.05.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan929813
23.05.202210.06.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan905792
01.09.202225.09.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan1125984
26.09.202205.10.2022Arrival72 PGA Sultan11551011
06.10.202216.10.2022Arrival72 Pasha1060928
17.10.202206.11.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan1055923
07.11.202220.11.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan915801
21.11.202203.12.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan765669
04.12.202223.12.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan730639
24.12.202207.01.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan765669
08.01.202314.02.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan730639
15.02.202328.02.2023Stay71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan805704
01.03.202311.03.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan920805
12.03.202331.03.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan955836
01.04.202320.04.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan1025897
21.04.202322.05.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan1095958
23.05.202310.06.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan1115976
01.09.202325.09.2023Stay71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan1130989
26.09.202305.10.2023Stay72 PGA Sultan11551011
06.10.202316.10.2023Stay72 Pasha1070936
17.10.202305.11.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan1095958
06.11.202320.11.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan955836
21.11.202303.12.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan765669
04.12.202301.01.2024Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan730639

FromToBased onNightsCourses£ Price£ Group Price
01.05.202222.05.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan840735
23.05.202210.06.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan799699
01.09.202225.09.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan1020893
26.09.202205.10.2022Arrival72 PGA Sultan1047916
06.10.202216.10.2022Arrival72 Pasha961841
17.10.202206.11.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan956837
07.11.202220.11.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan829725
21.11.202203.12.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan693606
04.12.202223.12.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan661578
24.12.202207.01.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan693606
08.01.202314.02.2023Stay71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan661578
15.02.202328.02.2023Stay71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan729638
01.03.202311.03.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan834730
12.03.202331.03.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan865757
01.04.202320.04.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan929813
21.04.202322.05.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan993869
23.05.202310.06.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan1011885
01.09.202325.09.2023Stay71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan1025897
26.09.202305.10.2023Stay72 PGA Sultan1047916
06.10.202316.10.2023Stay72 Pasha970849
17.10.202305.11.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan993869
06.11.202320.11.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan865757
21.11.202303.12.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan693606
04.12.202301.01.2024Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan661578

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Kempinski Hotels The Dome Golf Packages

Kempinski Hotels The Dome
Kempinski The Dome Outdoor Pool
From 730 €
Kempinski Hotels The Dome 2 Rounds
Kempinski Hotels The Dome 2 Rounds golf package include 7 nights all-inclusive accommodation and 2 rounds golf; 1 on Pasha and 1 on the PGA Sultan golf courses.
Kempinski Hotels The Dome
Kempinski The Dome Superior Garden Room
From 770 €
Kempinski Hotels The Dome 3 Rounds
Kempinski Hotels The Dome 3 Rounds golf package include 7 nights all-inclusive accommodation and 3 rounds golf; 2 on Pasha and 1 on the PGA Sultan golf courses.
Kempinski Hotels The Dome
Pga Sultan Golf Course
From 820 €
Kempinski Hotels The Dome 4 Rounds
Kempinski Hotels The Dome 4 Rounds golf package include 7 nights all-inclusive accommodation and 4 rounds golf; 2 on Pasha and 2 on the PGA Sultan golf courses.
Kempinski Hotels The Dome
Kempinski The Dome Sunset
From 860 €
Kempinski Hotels The Dome 5 Rounds
Kempinski Hotels The Dome 5 Rounds golf package include 7 nights all-inclusive accommodation and 5 rounds golf; 3 on Pasha and 2 on the PGA Sultan golf courses.

very nice quiet hotel ideal for couples and married ... staff and reception very nice and courteous especially Mrs. tugce and Mrs. dilara ... The rooms and the pool area were very clean, as well as the beach and the outdoor area staff met every wish .... gladly again at any time 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


I spent an enchanting stay with my daughter, Patricia, at the end of August 2021, in Turkey, at Kempinski Hotel The Dome, Belek. A special location, both in terms of the hotel, and beach, and services. This hotel full of serenity offers a unique service in line with its Luxury All Inclusive Concept. We had a very nice room, with sea view, located on floor 2, of the hotel which had 3 floors (room 205). The rooms are large, spacious, and the cleanliness is exemplary, performed several times a day. The linen changes the next day .... I would mention the housekeeper Firi Furuzan, very hardworking and kind. Of all the riviera, the private beach of this hotel is the cleanest, equipped with sunbeds with large mattresses and comforters, with fine sand and clean water. Here you will


Excellent hotel! Excellent service and food! The staff in the restaurant, hotel desk, beach, bar is just wonderful! Everyone is so polite and humble, pleasant and quiet atmosphere! Special thanks to Guljamal, she is awesome! Definitely recommend it to those who want nice and relaxing vacation in this wonderful country with wonderful people!


Thank you very much! You have a wonderful hotel: cleanliness, beauty, friendliness, location. I would like to highlight the staff of this hotel. All great professionals . Separately, I would like to highlight the employee of the bar, Mr. Mohammed Gungormus. I would like to note that he is very friendly and polite, so an atmosphere of good rest and excellent mood is created.


Have been coming to Kempinski for multiple years now and everything stays perfect! The service is prestige, every morning they refill the fridge in the Villa and bring new fruits! The restaurants are amazing although the À la carte restaurant at times had slow service. One of the workers there Muhammad did an amazing job at providing the best service and when the food would take long we would ask him about it and in the span of 10 minutes we would have been served. I want to additionally thank one of the workers Mehmet he would go above and beyond, bringing food to the villa and bringing new refreshments daily without even being asked to. A very positive person who smiles a lot and made the experience so much better! The butler Tufan would keep the villa always nice and looked


Perfect and flawless hotel, service was great and devoted to the hotel guests. special mention goes to the care of the kids club, our twin girls are 5 and were mesmerized. They are now lobbying us to return next year to the hotel, guess we will.


Had a great time! Most of all - its the great employees for me who made the hotel and our holiday special. They’re soo kind and work excellent! Especially Ali K, he makes the best cocktails and really works with all his heart. We appriciate it and hope that the managers appriciate their employees too!


We have been staying @hotel over the last 10 years and come back almost every year since. The overall quality is excellent with improvements every year. There is plenty of space for guests compared to the mega-sized/packed hotels in the vicinity. Staff is excellent and we look forward to meet them every year.


We had wonderful 13 days in July as a family. The service, food, environment all were perfect. The Staff were very friendly. We have been going to Kempinski the Dome For the last 15 years continiously ( twice a summer) and never had any bad experience and we always had perfect holiday. This year we were quite surprised and amazef with the refurbished palm restaurant that is looking very young and full of energy with their white sand all over the place on the floor. Specially it is looking so good in the evenings with excellent live music performances and colorful lightings.

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