Regnum Carya Spa

Regnum Carya 4 Rounds

Regnum Carya 4 Rounds golf package includes 4 rounds golf on the beautiful Carya golf course and National Golf Course. The clubhouse also included in all-inclusive concept for Regnum Carya Guests.

Additional golf on any other course in the area, shorter – longer stays, non-golfer prices and other room types are available on request.

And of course, all transfers are included in package prices.

Pounds Sterling
01.04.202126.04.202172 Carya, 2 National15991589
27.04.202115.05.202172 Carya, 2 National23722362
16.05.202131.05.202172 Carya, 2 National20392029
01.09.202113.09.202172 Carya, 2 National26382628
14.09.202110.10.202172 Carya, 2 National23242314
11.10.202122.10.202172 Carya, 2 National20542044
23.10.202131.10.202172 Carya, 2 National17151705
01.11.202107.11.202172 Carya, 2 National18011791
08.11.202121.11.202172 Carya, 2 National16531643
22.11.202112.12.202172 Carya, 2 National15411531
13.12.202123.12.202172 Carya, 2 National11441134
24.12.202102.01.202272 Carya, 2 National17361726
03.01.202211.02.202272 Carya, 2 National11751165
12.02.202228.02.202272 Carya, 2 National14841474
01.03.202213.03.202272 Carya, 2 National15831573
14.03.202231.03.202272 Carya, 2 National17321722
01.04.202126.04.202171 Carya, 2 National or 2 Carya, 1 National14971487
27.04.202115.05.202171 Carya, 2 National or 2 Carya, 1 National22202210
16.05.202131.05.202171 Carya, 2 National or 2 Carya, 1 National19081898
01.09.202113.09.202171 Carya, 2 National or 2 Carya, 1 National24682458
14.09.202110.10.202171 Carya, 2 National or 2 Carya, 1 National21752165
11.10.202122.10.202171 Carya, 2 National or 2 Carya, 1 National19221912
23.10.202131.10.202171 Carya, 2 National or 2 Carya, 1 National16061596
01.11.202107.11.202171 Carya, 2 National or 2 Carya, 1 National16851675
08.11.202121.11.202171 Carya, 2 National or 2 Carya, 1 National15471537
22.11.202112.12.202171 Carya, 2 National or 2 Carya, 1 National14421432
13.12.202123.12.202171 Carya, 2 National or 2 Carya, 1 National10711061
24.12.202102.01.202271 Carya, 2 National or 2 Carya, 1 National16251615
03.01.202211.02.202271 Carya, 2 National or 2 Carya, 1 National11001090
12.02.202228.02.202271 Carya, 2 National or 2 Carya, 1 National13891379
01.03.202213.03.202271 Carya, 2 National or 2 Carya, 1 National14821472
14.03.202231.03.202271 Carya, 2 National or 2 Carya, 1 National16211611

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Regnum Carya Golf & SPA Packages

Regnum Carya Golf & Spa
2 Rounds
from 1430 €
Regnum Carya 2 Rounds
Regnum Carya 2 Rounds golf package includes luxury all-inclusive accommodation and 2 rounds golf on the Carya and National golf courses.
Regnum Carya Golf & Spa
3 Rounds
from 1514 €
Regnum Carya 3 Rounds
Regnum Carya 3 Rounds golf package includes luxury all-inclusive accommodation and 3 rounds golf on the Carya and National golf courses.
Regnum Carya Golf & Spa
Free or Discounted golf
from 1540 €
Regnum Carya Second Home
Regnum Carya Second Home package includes 14 nights luxury all-inclusive accommodation many advantages and privilages during your stay.
Regnum Carya Golf & Spa
4 Rounds
from 1599 €
Regnum Carya 4 Rounds
Regnum Carya 4 Rounds golf package includes luxury all-inclusive accommodation and 3 rounds golf on the Carya and National golf courses.
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Second stay in Regnum, this year was even better than before. Hotel is kept in pristine condition, the staff is always helpful. Love what they've done with the Palm Beach club, this area became more lively. A-la carte restaurants are of excellent quality, especially the Italian and the Japanese. Rooms are cleaned properly and the whole territory is maintained in good condition.


The experience at Regnum Carya is truly one of the best we ever had and that's why we keep coming back since 2014. And every stay here is better than the previous. Starting from the V.I.P. access they provide from the airport to the hotel as well as from the hotel to the airport which is really good and efficient, Regnum stands out from many other resorts in the area. Now moving on to the luxurious facilities this resort offers you, the rooms ( we stayed in a Jade Room) are really nice, the modern design and the big surface of the room makes you feel really comfortable. The room is refilled daily with goodies in the mini-bar and sanitary kits with everything you might need in the bathroom ( free of charge of course). All the places where you can eat or have a drink are also


I wanted to write a review. It's already the 5th time we come to regnum. This time of course due to pandemy there were some changes, but overall the experience was very good. The only things that could be improved are: now there is only one beach bag provided in rooms however before there was one bag for women one for men. And also hygiene supplies were provided generally( 1 each) however before they were separated for women and men. Secondly, it was very sad to know that there is no entertainment at all after 12am, I know it's due to some turkish regulations but so money foreigners come to Regnum and it is not fair for them to just have nothing to do after 12am. And the DJs put the same songs every night even we knew which song comes after😂 but overall they were good just


I recommend this hotel to anyone . Welcoming organisation is excellent. A welcoming lady named Yuliya welcomed us and she informed us about hotel and she also assisted us during our vacation. Thank you her. Rooms are nice and tidy. Bed quality is good. Foods are delicious. Drink variety and quality is top one. All staff is helpful and they try to assure a nice accommodation for all guests. Beach is also good. We enjoyed Regnum and we would come here again. Thank you Regnum 🙏👋


We had a great time at Regnum, we stayed at villa with private pool, so kids were swimming as soon the woke up. that was a great choice we did. İt was my son’s birthday and they sent us a cake for him, which was really nice. I attended couple of Zumba classes with Anna and Salem, they are such a beautifull people, helpfull and trying to give advice and answer to all your questions. We will be back next year for sure!! Thank you Regnum!


Best hotel with cleaness, relax, comfort and service in Antalya. I have been here for 8 times during 2 years and i feel here like my home. I especially thank for their hospitality to Mr.Gokhan and Mr.Resul… Best and successful team of Antalya !


As regular guests, we were all warmly welcomed by Onur at Regnum Carya, as always. He was very helpful and always there when you needed him. The preparation as well as the cleanliness of the rooms, the service in the hotel and the varied and good food could convince us very much. All in all, it was wonderful to be on holiday in Regnum! The only thing that we missed a bit were the evening events and action teams, which were replaced by more unsuitable dance groups. Otherwise the Regnum has everything you could wish for. We are looking forward to October! Jörg Donaubauer


Best hotel in antalya with cleaness, food, service, staff,parties (adult pool parties), clubs,evening shows, kids shows, special restaurants... Especially thanks to👉 anastasia 👈 for all of her strong supports, hospitality, kindness,... she was so helpful & assist us during our vacation& made us feel the best there🙏👌🙏 Also i have many thanks to👉 Natali👈 for her hospitality & warmness,all the time she tried to make us feel well🙏👌 I suggested to have dinner at  Brazilian & seafood restaurant, dessert at Turkish restaurant was impressive. We  will definitely come back ,again& again Thank u regnum💯


Again again again, this is the fourth time we have visited this hotel. Hotel always looking itself, they renovate without waiting for the hotel to get too old. You can find these three in the best level; Clean, food are delicious and comfortable. Also thanks to Mr Adnan he is Guest Relationship Manager and he was so helpful, you can ask your all problems. He can find your lost bag :))) ( he found and brought my wife’s bag in lobby). Also thanks to Mr Baki for reservations, he was so helpful and patience, I believed that he tried to do his best. Hotel really good quality and have many reasons to go there.

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