Sirene Belek Closed Pool

Sirene Belek Hotel 2 Rounds

Sirene Belek Hotel 2 Rounds package, includes 7 nights all-inclusive accommodations in standard rooms with 2 rounds golf; 1 on Pasha and the other on the PGA Sultan golf course.

Additional golf on any other course in the area, shorter – longer stays, non-golfer prices and other room types are available on request.

Pounds Sterling

FromToBased onNightsCourses€ Price€ Group Price
01.04.202216.04.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan740648
17.04.202230.04.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan775678
01.05.202222.05.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan810709
23.05.202210.06.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan800700
01.09.202227.09.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan915801
28.09.202206.10.2022Arrival72 Sultan910796
07.10.202216.10.2022Arrival72 Pasha780683
17.10.202206.11.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan810709
07.11.202220.11.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan740648
21.11.202228.11.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan625547
29.11.202210.12.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan535468
28.01.202314.02.2023Stay71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan545477
15.02.202328.02.2023Stay71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan620543
01.03.202312.03.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan679594
13.03.202331.03.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan714625
01.04.202316.04.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan749655
17.04.202330.04.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan805704
01.05.202322.05.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan819717
23.05.202310.06.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan825722
01.09.202325.09.2023Stay71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan910796
26.09.202305.10.2023Stay72 Sultan875766
06.10.202316.10.2023Stay72 Pasha825722
17.10.202306.11.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan805704
07.11.202320.11.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan735643
21.11.202328.11.2023Stay71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan615538
29.11.202316.12.2023Stay71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan570499

FromToBased onNightsCourses£ Price£ Group Price
13.03.202231.03.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan638558
01.04.202216.04.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan673589
17.04.202230.04.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan701613
01.05.202222.05.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan736644
23.05.202210.06.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan726635
01.09.202227.09.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan827724
28.09.202206.10.2022Arrival72 Sultan826723
07.10.202216.10.2022Arrival72 Pasha708620
17.10.202206.11.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan736644
07.11.202220.11.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan673589
21.11.202228.11.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan565494
29.11.202210.12.2022Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan482422
28.01.202314.02.2023Stay71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan492431
15.02.202328.02.2023Stay71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan563493
01.03.202312.03.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan611535
13.03.202331.03.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan646565
01.04.202316.04.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan674590
17.04.202330.04.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan730639
01.05.202322.05.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan744651
23.05.202310.06.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan744651
01.09.202325.09.2023Stay71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan821718
26.09.202305.10.2023Stay72 Sultan781683
06.10.202316.10.2023Stay72 Pasha735643
17.10.202306.11.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan730639
07.11.202320.11.2023Arrival71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan667584
21.11.202328.11.2023Stay71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan555486
29.11.202316.12.2023Stay71 Pasha, 1 PGA Sultan518453

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Sirene Belek Hotel Golf Packages

Sirene Belek Hotel
Sirene Belek Closed Pool
From 535 €
Sirene Belek Hotel 2 Rounds
Sirene Belek Hotel 2 Rounds golf package include 7 nights all-inclusive accommodation and 2 rounds golf; 1 on Pasha and 1 on the PGA Sultan golf courses.
Sirene Belek Hotel
Sirene Belek Pier
From 575 €
Sirene Belek Hotel 3 Rounds
Sirene Belek Hotel 3 Rounds golf package include 7 nights all-inclusive accommodation and 3 rounds golf; 2 on Pasha and 1 on the PGA Sultan golf courses.
Sirene Belek Hotel
Sirene Belek
From 615 €
Sirene Belek Hotel 4 Rounds
Sirene Belek Hotel 4 Rounds golf package include 7 nights all-inclusive accommodation and 4 rounds golf; 2 on Pasha and 2 on the PGA Sultan golf courses.
Sirene Belek Hotel
Pasha Golf Course
From 655 €
Sirene Belek Hotel 5 Rounds
Sirene Belek Hotel 5 Rounds golf package include 7 nights all-inclusive accommodation and 5 rounds golf; 3 on Pasha and 2 on the PGA Sultan golf courses.

We liked the hotel in general. Rooms are great spacious and clean with all you could ask for in the room.They do our transaction quickly at the reception and guest relations are very helpful. The meals where very good in the restaurant with plenty of variations available. Both golf courses we played where very good the pasha very good and the sultan superb. Golf shuttles very efficient. Lobby bar was excellent through the week and the service and drinks very good and never waiting long for a drink to bought over. The girls in the bar where very friendly and polite and always smiling. ipek , Mina, Taner Bey , Erdal bey , Aydin , Soner the lobby bar is also very nice in the mornings to have coffee or tee as it’s normally quiet. Ismail Bey , Deniz , Caner all work in the mornings


I had a great experience in this hotel, spacious and very well equiped rooms, and nice, kind staff. We were late for a lunch, but we had a snack in the lobby bar (salty and sweet bites are served between lunch and dinner time, and met very nice and professional staff team members : Mina, Taner, Ipek, Conar and Aydin!


Very enjoyable stay at this hotel. Golf courses in good condition given time of year Good golf practice facilities Post golf match deep tissue massages were excellent (thanQ Aylin) Would definitely visit again


Golf course in good condition for time of year. Range and short game area facilities good. Staffs polite and helpful. Hotel adequate. Choice of food not as varied due to Covid. Not ideal for longer stay. Gym and spa good. Deniz in Limon restaurant very helpful.


A very enjoyable stay at the Sirene Belek Hotel with 3 friends playing golf The hotel lobby is very spacious, clean and welcoming The front desk staff are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful The room was clean, large and had everything you would require for your stay. The cleaning staff were excellent and did a quick and efficient service each day We ate in the main dining room for the first couple of days and after this in the Mermaid & Limon Restaurants for the rest of the week as the number of guests remaining in the hotel did not warrant the main dining room being open I really enjoyed eating in the small restaurants which were well appointed & had character & charm. The service, quality and choice of the food was excellent The bar area was very comfortable and an


Great hotel as a base for a golf trip. Clean, tidy, great service, good food with lots of variation in the main restaurant and the option of using the Turkish and seafood restaurants. The Turkish food was excellent. Rooms fine, perhaps slightly dated but as with everything really good value. Excellent spa area with lovely indoor pool, large sauna and Turkish steam room. The link with the Antalya golf club very close by and efficient. We went in late November as a group of 4, ideal set up for this type of trip.


Everything is perfect, eg. location, service, all personal, and for example IPEK is nice person 😊👍 staff is very friendly , wide range of dring ,and all her co-workers (Nazar, Erika, Baris sef, Ali). Beach and pool areas are also very nice. Working there ( asena , cemil , deniz ) thank you for your intrest. The view is very beautiful. General areas are clean and covid-19 measures are at a high level . Sen you next year sirene 🙂


Everything is perfect, eg. location, service, all personal, and for example IPEK is nice person 😊👍 and all her co-workers (Nazar, Erika, Baris sef, Ali). There is fast processing and friendly staff at the Reseption. Pattiserie bar has pizza, sandwiches and cakes each more beautiful than the other. Makes Our coffes sumran thank you. Room are clean and spacious. Covid measures at high level. See you sirene belek hotel ,:)


Lobby bar excellent especially waitress ipek , Nazar , baris sef , resit , erika . Food excellent,cocktails excellent, always have nibbles with all drinks. Hoope bar lively music and fun. Serkan barmen , soner sef , Ali , Dave,Richard,Carl,Ian,Andy,Nick and Mark.All staff very attentive and friendly with good English. Hotel covid safe with masks and sanitizer .

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