Sirene Belek

Sirene Belek Hotel 4 Rounds

Sirene Belek Hotel 4 Rounds package, includes 7 nights all-inclusive accommodations in standard rooms with 4 rounds golf; 2 on Pasha and 2 on the PGA Sultan golf course.

Additional golf on any other course in the area, shorter – longer stays, non-golfer prices and other room types are available on request.

Pounds Sterling
FromToBased onNightsCoursesPriceGroup
01.09.202120.09.2021Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan1050919
21.09.202130.09.2021Period74 PGA Sultan1110971
01.10.202110.10.2021Period74 Pasha885774
11.10.202129.10.2021Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan945827
30.10.202112.11.2021Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan910796
13.11.202120.11.2021Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan875766
21.11.202130.11.2021Period72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan680595
29.01.202214.02.2022Period72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan610534
15.02.202228.02.2022Period72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan725634
01.03.202212.03.2022Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan840735
13.03.202231.03.2022Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan875766
01.04.202216.04.2022Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan910796
17.04.202230.04.2022Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan945827
01.05.202222.05.2022Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan980858
23.05.202210.06.2022Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan890779
01.09.202227.09.2022Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan1085949
28.09.202206.10.2022Arrival74 Sultan1110971
07.10.202216.10.2022Arrival74 Pasha920805
17.10.202206.11.2022Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan980858
07.11.202220.11.2022Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan910796
21.11.202230.11.2022Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan715626
FromToBased onNightsCoursesPriceGroup
01.09.202120.09.2021Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan976854
21.09.202130.09.2021Period74 PGA Sultan1031902
01.10.202110.10.2021Period74 Pasha822719
11.10.202129.10.2021Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan878768
30.10.202112.11.2021Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan850744
13.11.202120.11.2021Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan815713
21.11.202130.11.2021Period72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan639559
29.01.202214.02.2022Period72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan566495
15.02.202228.02.2022Period72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan666583
01.03.202212.03.2022Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan774677
13.03.202231.03.2022Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan802702
01.04.202216.04.2022Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan837732
17.04.202230.04.2022Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan865757
01.05.202222.05.2022Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan900788
23.05.202210.06.2022Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan818716
01.09.202227.09.2022Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan991867
28.09.202206.10.2022Arrival74 Sultan1018891
07.10.202216.10.2022Arrival74 Pasha846740
17.10.202206.11.2022Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan900788
07.11.202220.11.2022Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan837732
21.11.202230.11.2022Arrival72 Pasha, 2 PGA Sultan657575

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Sirene Belek Hotel Golf Packages

Sirene Belek Hotel
2 Rounds
from 590 €
Sirene Belek Hotel 2 Rounds
Sirene Belek Hotel 2 Rounds golf package include 7 nights all-inclusive accommodation and 2 rounds golf; 1 on Pasha and 1 on the PGA Sultan golf courses.
Sirene Belek Hotel
3 Rounds
from 630 €
Sirene Belek Hotel 3 Rounds
Sirene Belek Hotel 3 Rounds golf package include 7 nights all-inclusive accommodation and 3 rounds golf; 2 on Pasha and 1 on the PGA Sultan golf courses.
Sirene Belek Hotel
4 Rounds
from 680 €
Sirene Belek Hotel 4 Rounds
Sirene Belek Hotel 4 Rounds golf package include 7 nights all-inclusive accommodation and 4 rounds golf; 2 on Pasha and 2 on the PGA Sultan golf courses.
Sirene Belek Hotel
5 rounds
from 720 €
Sirene Belek Hotel 5 Rounds
Sirene Belek Hotel 5 Rounds golf package include 7 nights all-inclusive accommodation and 5 rounds golf; 3 on Pasha and 2 on the PGA Sultan golf courses.
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Hello,im coming from Europe and having passive holiday in Sirene helped me so much,as Covid_19 gaves lots of stress and fears. Excellent foods,nice,friendly Staff especially Eda,Murat,one boy from Kazakhstan dont remember his name(sorry;(,). Thankful for whole people who was nice during this vacance.Enjoyed a lot.If ill have a chance to come again without any doubts will be chosen the same hotel. Good job, Stay safe.


Enjoy your stay! Family rest The food is good, the staff is polite, the territory is green. Near the famous amusement park with shopping avenue The land of legends. It is a few minutes by taxi to the center of Belek. There is a pier, of those hotels in the cat I rested, on which there is no platform for jumping into the water ae like ae like evening entertainment it was a good holiday thank you:)


I stayed in the hotel for a week (16-22 of August 2021). The area of the hotel is very nice and large. My main request for the hotel was the opportunity to play tennis and have some private lessons with the instructor, so I was considering only the hotels with tennis courts. So I would like to start my review with it. 1. Tennis The courts were good, well-equipped, there were enough of tennis balls and a nice racket to play. Unfortunately, it was impossible to play after 8 p.m. because it got dark and no one turned the street lights in the courts. The instructor Ilya was great! He is really the best tennis instructor that I've ever met. Though he is quite young, but very-very professional, he was always polite and supporting, working on my technique. So playing tennis once, or


Hello everyone i come first time to Turkey to Sirene Belek hotel and that was the best choice. A lot od great activities, beautiful place, realy tasty food on restaurants. Special greatings for Sinan, Murat and Kalifa they are really great people!


I’d like to thank the whole animation team (Murat, Talifa, Ilona, and ofc the mystical DJ) for amazing unforgettable experience that they gave us on our vacation in Sirene Hotel Belek. Especially a big gratitude to Umut who is a really outgoing guy with a huge sense of humor. I enjoyed the archery game with Umut, who was leading the game. He was very polite, patient and ready to share all tricks to feel skilled. Besides, at nights, he’s kinda real party animal. Hanging out with him made me feel special and free. Being a gregarious person who enjoys parties and similar social activities, I appreciated his involvement.


It was great holiday at Sirene Belek with my family, everything was fantastic Special thanks for the Lobby Bar guys Ismail ,Ipek& Deurim they were very wonderful ,friendly & they know how to do their Job. Special thanks to the food area Esra from the sweet corner. It was a surprise for us when they sent cake for my son Omar birthday 🙏 Hopefully to come back again next year Thank you Sirene Belek


The hotel is really great, especially the staff with positive ambiance. The animators (Murat, Umut, Bars, etc) are very kind and helpful in many issues. We enjoyed every single day and strictly recommend the hotel to everyone intending to stay at this Hotel.


It was my first beach vacation in Turkey. Everything was perfect. Me and my wife enjoed our 10 days in warm see, soft sand, and many many sunlight! The hotel has a lot of dayli activities: ping pong, darts, aqua aerobics, archery, beach volley, footbal, waterpolo, .... And last not least - many restaurants and bars with perfect local food and perfect staff, espetially Aoro, who helpd us to received good mood during our holiday and teached us basic phareses on turkish language. Many Thanks!


It is a hotel that can satisfy I think any pretentious, from food, drink, beach, animation, I was pleasantly surprised by all the facilities that exist here, and the friendliness of the staff, it really deserves the rank of 5 stars. Thanks for all!!!

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