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Eros Tourism Ltd – ARC Travel Agency

There are so many places you can play the most favourite game, but there are only a few locations where you truly enjoy it.

Every passionate golf player knows how important is to have adequate and stimulating ambient for achieving the greatest results and the complete joy.

Golfturkey.com is proud to present you with its genuine offer of the highly sophisticated and carefully shaped golf holidays including the associated supporting events. You can rest assured that we have taken care of every single moment you are about to spend with us. If you choose to completely devote your time to the golf we have prepared and perfectly maintained the fairytale-like fields.

After a long and enjoyable day on the golf courses, you recharge your energy batteries in our top luxury hotel rooms which include all the features you could possibly imagine. In case, you have decided to be accompanied by your family do not worry there is plenty of interesting activities and intriguing places to visit for everyone regardless of gender or age. Eventually, if you are looking forward to seeing something more besides the golf itself Turkey is the promise land. With so many historical and cultural sites, breathtaking examples of preserved nature, special offers for the visitors – your golf holiday will be awarded one completely new dimension of quality and joy.

We have prepared dozens of perfectly suited golf holiday packages especially for you. In addition, we will take care of all relevant organizational or booking issues on your behalf.

We have been serving for tourism in Turkey as a fully licensed incoming tour operator since 1993.

We believe that our continuing success comes from our knowledgeable and careful service. From this point of view, it is our pleasure to serve travellers from all over the world. We are available to assist in the planning itineraries in Turkey that will include all of your specific interests, and requirements. Then, when the planning is complete, we make all the arrangements necessary to ensure that your vacation runs smoothly as you wish.

With us your pleasant memory lasts longer than a golf game.

COMPANY: Eros Tourism Ltd. Şti.
TRAVEL AGENCY : ARC Travel Agency.
TRADE REGISTRY: 15709 – 17556
ADDRESS: Tarım Mahallesi, Perge Buvarı, Yeşilevler Sitesi C Blok No: 61 / 5, Antalya Turkey.
PHONE: +90 242 312 04 44
E-MAIL: info@golfturkey.com

As a member of IAGTO / International Association of Golf Tour Operators ( License 4378 ) and TURSAB / Turkish Travel Agencies Association (License A-2448); we are proud to provide high quality travel services in Turkey.

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