Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa 2 Rounds golf package

Cornelia Diamond 2 Rounds

Yes, diamonds are forever but adversely your Cornelia Diamond 2 Rounds package last only a week. However, we are quite sure that you’ll want to repeat again and again.

Package includes 5,6, 7 nights diamond all-inclusive accommodations and two rounds golf on the 27 holes Faldo Golf Course. Additional Golf on any course available on request.

21.11.202028.02.202172 Faldo714625
01.03.202110.03.202172 Faldo809708
11.03.202123.04.202172 Faldo875765
24.04.202107.05.202172 Faldo949831
08.05.202115.06.202172 Faldo1090953
01.09.202124.09.202152 Faldo918803
01.09.202124.09.202162 Faldo1018890
01.09.202124.09.202172 Faldo1112973
25.09.202131.10.202152 Faldo833729
25.09.202131.10.202162 Faldo953834
25.09.202131.10.202172 Faldo1030901
01.11.202120.11.202152 Faldo695608
01.11.202120.11.202162 Faldo794695
01.11.202120.11.202172 Faldo893781
21.11.202120.02.202252 Faldo576504
21.11.202120.02.202262 Faldo658575
21.11.202120.02.202272 Faldo728637
21.02.202210.03.202272 Faldo826722
11.03.202223.04.202272 Faldo893781
24.04.202207.05.202272 Faldo968847
08.05.202215.06.202272 Faldo1112973

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Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa Packages

5, 6, 7Nights
2 Rounds
Cornelia Diamond Lobby
from 576 €
Cornelia Diamond 2 Rounds
Cornelia Diamond 2 Rounds golf package includes diamond all-inclusive accommodation and 2 rounds golf on the sensational Faldo Golf Course.
Unlimited Golf
Cornelia Diamond Aerial View
from 768 €
Cornelia Diamond Unlimited
Cornelia Diamond Unlimited golf package includes diamond all-inclusive accommodations and 4 rounds pre-booked - unlimited golf on the Faldo golf course.
4 Rounds
Cornelia Faldo Golf Course
from 1000 €
Cornelia Diamond Spring Golf Tournament
Cornelia Diamond Spring golf tournament package includes diamond all-inclusive accommodations and 4 rounds golf with prize of 7 nights 3 rounds for the winner.
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