Kempinski Hotels the Dome
Kempinski Hotels the Dome

Kempinski Hotels The Dome

Belek / Antalya
As you arrive at the entrance of Kempinski Hotels The Dome Belek, you'll feel like you've stumbled upon a luxurious oasis. This isn't just any hotel - it's a self-contained world located in the heart of Belek, Turkey. The sea breeze fills the air, and you can hear the sound of golfers skillfully driving their balls in the distance.

Upon entering the magnificent lobby of Kempinski Belek you are handed a refreshing welcome drink that feels great in the Turkish heat. You notice kids savouring their juice with amazement. The hotel's management sends you a welcoming letter that makes you feel unique and valued. You don't just feel like a regular guest; instead, you feel like a hero returning home to a world where every aspect of elegance is well taken care of.

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Rooms are more than just four walls and a ceiling at Kempinski Belek. It has been thoughtfully designed to provide an unforgettable experience. The picturesque view of the golf course resembles a work of art, with its lush greens and perfectly manicured fairways exuding the timeless appeal of the sport. The minibar is thoughtfully stocked with not just drinks but also the promise of a memorable evening. A plate of fresh fruit delicately placed on the table is a subtle invitation to indulge.

Dining at the Kempinski Belek is not simply about satisfying hunger but embarking on a culinary journey. The extensive buffet offers a diverse range of flavours, each dish telling its own unique story and each taste feeling like its own paragraph. The a la carte restaurants are like chapters in a book that one never wants to finish. The bars serve as punctuation marks, allowing for moments of reflection and enjoyment as one sips their drink.

You might find the entertainment and activities here like a beautiful symphony, with each note providing a unique pleasure. The tennis court's rhythmic bounce and the spa's tranquil melodies blend in a composition you'd love to lose yourself in. The pools aren't just bodies of water; they're like different landscapes, each with character and offering a unique invitation to dive into various emotions.

When you say goodbye, it doesn't necessarily mean the end; it can be a lingering hug. Before you leave, you receive a bottle of water and a refreshing towel for the journey. The promise is made that this is not the final goodbye but rather a temporary pause. As you drive away, you glance back with contentment, having thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Welcome to Kempinski Hotel The Dome Belek, where you are not just a visitor but a protagonist in an exciting golf holiday in Turkey. This is where you live and experience a captivating story rather than just read it. You are invited to join me in writing this story together. Browse our packages, book your stay, and immerse yourself in a world of luxury and golf. Your chapter in this unforgettable tale awaits you.

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