Sueno Golf Club

Sueno Deluxe Unlimited

Sueno Deluxe Unlimited package includes 7, 10, 12 and 14 nights deluxe all-inclusive accommodations in deluxe land view rooms and unlimited golf on Pines and Dunes Courses.

For 7 nights package 5 rounds, 10 nights package 8 Rounds and 12 – 14 nights package 10 rounds golf will be booked in advance, and more can be taken directly from pro-shop on-site.

Additional golf on any other course in the area, shorter – longer stays, non-golfer prices and other room types are available on request.

Pounds Sterling
01.03.202128.03.20217Pines & Dunes940823
01.03.202128.03.202110Pines & Dunes12781118
01.03.202128.03.202112Pines & Dunes15001313
01.03.202128.03.202114Pines & Dunes18401610
29.03.202118.04.20217Pines & Dunes972851
29.03.202118.04.202110Pines & Dunes13281162
29.03.202118.04.202112Pines & Dunes15621367
29.03.202118.04.202114Pines & Dunes19041666
19.04.202116.05.20217Pines & Dunes1033904
19.04.202116.05.202110Pines & Dunes14131236
19.04.202116.05.202112Pines & Dunes16631455
19.04.202116.05.202114Pines & Dunes20261773
17.05.202106.06.20217Pines & Dunes1048917
17.05.202106.06.202110Pines & Dunes14431263
17.05.202106.06.202112Pines & Dunes17031490
17.05.202106.06.202114Pines & Dunes20561799
03.09.202123.09.20217Pines & Dunes1077942
03.09.202123.09.202110Pines & Dunes14811296
03.09.202123.09.202112Pines & Dunes17471529
03.09.202123.09.202114Pines & Dunes21141850
24.09.202114.10.20217Pines & Dunes1055923
24.09.202114.10.202110Pines & Dunes14501269
24.09.202114.10.202112Pines & Dunes17101496
24.09.202114.10.202114Pines & Dunes20701811
15.10.202111.11.20217Pines & Dunes1015888
15.10.202111.11.202110Pines & Dunes13891215
15.10.202111.11.202112Pines & Dunes16351431
15.10.202111.11.202114Pines & Dunes19901741
12.11.202128.11.20217Pines & Dunes844739
12.11.202128.11.202110Pines & Dunes11521008
12.11.202128.11.202112Pines & Dunes13541185
12.11.202128.11.202114Pines & Dunes16481442
29.11.202123.12.20217Pines & Dunes689603
29.11.202123.12.202110Pines & Dunes946828
29.11.202123.12.202112Pines & Dunes1114975
29.11.202123.12.202114Pines & Dunes13381171
24.12.202131.12.20217Pines & Dunes718628
24.12.202131.12.202110Pines & Dunes984861
24.12.202131.12.202112Pines & Dunes11581013
24.12.202131.12.202114Pines & Dunes13961222
01.01.202230.01.20227Pines & Dunes714625
01.01.202230.01.202210Pines & Dunes980858
01.01.202230.01.202212Pines & Dunes11541010
01.01.202230.01.202214Pines & Dunes13881215
31.01.202227.02.20227Pines & Dunes803703
31.01.202227.02.202210Pines & Dunes1102964
31.01.202227.02.202212Pines & Dunes12981136
31.01.202227.02.202214Pines & Dunes15661370
28.02.202213.03.20227Pines & Dunes933816
28.02.202213.03.202210Pines & Dunes12801120
28.02.202213.03.202212Pines & Dunes15081320
28.02.202213.03.202214Pines & Dunes18261598
14.03.202210.04.20227Pines & Dunes961841
14.03.202210.04.202210Pines & Dunes13201155
14.03.202210.04.202212Pines & Dunes15561362
14.03.202210.04.202214Pines & Dunes18821647
11.04.202208.05.20227Pines & Dunes1017890
11.04.202208.05.202210Pines & Dunes14001225
11.04.202208.05.202212Pines & Dunes16521446
11.04.202208.05.202214Pines & Dunes19941745
09.05.202210.06.20227Pines & Dunes1048917
09.05.202210.06.202210Pines & Dunes14521271
09.05.202210.06.202212Pines & Dunes17181503
09.05.202210.06.202214Pines & Dunes20561799
03.09.202222.09.20227Pines & Dunes1113974
09.05.202210.06.202210Pines & Dunes15411348
09.05.202210.06.202212Pines & Dunes18231595
09.05.202210.06.202214Pines & Dunes21861913
23.09.202220.10.20227Pines & Dunes1075941
23.09.202220.10.202210Pines & Dunes14791294
23.09.202220.10.202212Pines & Dunes17451527
23.09.202220.10.202214Pines & Dunes21101846
21.10.202210.11.20227Pines & Dunes1026898
21.10.202210.11.202210Pines & Dunes14091233
21.10.202210.11.202212Pines & Dunes16611453
21.10.202210.11.202214Pines & Dunes20121761
11.11.202227.11.20227Pines & Dunes891780
11.11.202227.11.202210Pines & Dunes12201068
11.11.202227.11.202212Pines & Dunes14361257
11.11.202227.11.202214Pines & Dunes17421524
28.11.202223.12.20227Pines & Dunes714625
28.11.202223.12.202210Pines & Dunes980858
28.11.202223.12.202212Pines & Dunes11541010
28.11.202223.12.202214Pines & Dunes13881215
24.12.202231.12.20227Pines & Dunes745652
24.12.202231.12.202210Pines & Dunes1023895
24.12.202231.12.202212Pines & Dunes12051054
24.12.202231.12.202214Pines & Dunes14501269
01.03.202128.03.20217Pines & Dunes841736
01.03.202128.03.202110Pines & Dunes11491005
01.03.202128.03.202112Pines & Dunes13511182
01.03.202128.03.202114Pines & Dunes16621454
29.03.202118.04.20217Pines & Dunes857750
29.03.202118.04.202110Pines & Dunes11741027
29.03.202118.04.202112Pines & Dunes13821209
29.03.202118.04.202114Pines & Dunes16941482
19.04.202116.05.20217Pines & Dunes908795
19.04.202116.05.202110Pines & Dunes12461090
19.04.202116.05.202112Pines & Dunes14681285
19.04.202116.05.202114Pines & Dunes17961572
17.05.202106.06.20217Pines & Dunes950831
17.05.202106.06.202110Pines & Dunes13121148
17.05.202106.06.202112Pines & Dunes15501356
17.05.202106.06.202114Pines & Dunes18801645
03.09.202123.09.20217Pines & Dunes969848
03.09.202123.09.202110Pines & Dunes13371170
03.09.202123.09.202112Pines & Dunes15791382
03.09.202123.09.202114Pines & Dunes19181678
24.09.202114.10.20217Pines & Dunes947829
24.09.202114.10.202110Pines & Dunes13061143
24.09.202114.10.202112Pines & Dunes15421349
24.09.202114.10.202114Pines & Dunes18741640
15.10.202111.11.20217Pines & Dunes895783
15.10.202111.11.202110Pines & Dunes12301076
15.10.202111.11.202112Pines & Dunes14501269
15.10.202111.11.202114Pines & Dunes17701549
12.11.202128.11.20217Pines & Dunes757662
12.11.202128.11.202110Pines & Dunes1038908
12.11.202128.11.202112Pines & Dunes12221069
12.11.202128.11.202114Pines & Dunes14941307
29.11.202123.12.20217Pines & Dunes612536
29.11.202123.12.202110Pines & Dunes845739
29.11.202123.12.202112Pines & Dunes997872
29.11.202123.12.202114Pines & Dunes12041054
24.12.202131.12.20217Pines & Dunes648567
24.12.202131.12.202110Pines & Dunes893781
24.12.202131.12.202112Pines & Dunes1053921
24.12.202131.12.202114Pines & Dunes12761117
01.01.202230.01.20227Pines & Dunes637557
01.01.202230.01.202210Pines & Dunes879769
01.01.202230.01.202212Pines & Dunes1037907
01.01.202230.01.202214Pines & Dunes12541097
31.01.202227.02.20227Pines & Dunes714625
31.01.202227.02.202210Pines & Dunes734642
31.01.202227.02.202212Pines & Dunes744651
31.01.202227.02.202214Pines & Dunes14081232
28.02.202213.03.20227Pines & Dunes830726
28.02.202213.03.202210Pines & Dunes1141998
28.02.202213.03.202212Pines & Dunes13451177
28.02.202213.03.202214Pines & Dunes16401435
14.03.202210.04.20227Pines & Dunes851745
14.03.202210.04.202210Pines & Dunes11711025
14.03.202210.04.202212Pines & Dunes13811208
14.03.202210.04.202214Pines & Dunes16821472
11.04.202208.05.20227Pines & Dunes900788
11.04.202208.05.202210Pines & Dunes12411086
11.04.202208.05.202212Pines & Dunes14651282
11.04.202208.05.202214Pines & Dunes17801558
09.05.202210.06.20227Pines & Dunes945827
09.05.202210.06.202210Pines & Dunes13131149
09.05.202210.06.202212Pines & Dunes15551361
09.05.202210.06.202214Pines & Dunes18701636
03.09.202222.09.20227Pines & Dunes996872
09.05.202210.06.202210Pines & Dunes13821209
09.05.202210.06.202212Pines & Dunes16361432
09.05.202210.06.202214Pines & Dunes19721726
23.09.202220.10.20227Pines & Dunes958838
23.09.202220.10.202210Pines & Dunes13201155
23.09.202220.10.202212Pines & Dunes15581363
23.09.202220.10.202214Pines & Dunes18961659
21.10.202210.11.20227Pines & Dunes909795
21.10.202210.11.202210Pines & Dunes12501094
21.10.202210.11.202212Pines & Dunes14741290
21.10.202210.11.202214Pines & Dunes17981573
11.11.202227.11.20227Pines & Dunes795696
11.11.202227.11.202210Pines & Dunes1091955
11.11.202227.11.202212Pines & Dunes12851124
11.11.202227.11.202214Pines & Dunes15701374
28.11.202223.12.20227Pines & Dunes637557
28.11.202223.12.202210Pines & Dunes879769
28.11.202223.12.202212Pines & Dunes1037907
28.11.202223.12.202214Pines & Dunes12541097
24.12.202231.12.20227Pines & Dunes663580
24.12.202231.12.202210Pines & Dunes914800
24.12.202231.12.202212Pines & Dunes1078943
24.12.202231.12.202214Pines & Dunes13061143

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Sueno Deluxe 4 Rounds with buggy
Sueno Deluxe 4 Rounds with buggy golf package include 7 nights accommodation in Deluxe Land View Rooms golf Pines and Dunes courses with shared buggies.
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Hello I think everything is fine people are very friendly very smiling car so I am satisfied with my location here thank you I like our entertainment is so it’s fine for the clean room so swollen so nice it’s OK I would recommend it it


excellent service/bad view -room 3226/great amenities/water park was amazing/maybe a persian food per day can make it perfect for iranians/our service at spa was not good at all-because of feeling hurrying from agents and it can't preparing a relaxing experience/but other services was good enough to be there again/drinks and cocktails made great by older bartenders/the worst part of our stay was dj and music and the selection of songs was at worst


This is our third stay in this lovley hotel this is like our home food is tasty and fresh and high quality you can trust on peopel here they are so kind and helpfull we are thinking about an other vacation here thank you sueno


The dishes at the main restaurant are perfectly delicious! I am in love with them really! The staff is so friendly and helpful. Special thanks to Münevver Aykut from the laundry service!🙏🏻 She did a great job! I will definately come back!!!❤️❤️❤️


It was our first stay at the hotel Sueno Deluxe and we really enjoyed it a lot! Our room was really huge and comfortable. The tidyness was perfect, really clean. The beach is awesome, perfect sand and sea. The summer concerts are so enjoyable! The staff is really kind and helpful. Will definately turn back!!!😍


This is the last hour of our stay at this hotel & I am writing this text in the hotel lobby. i travel a lot & this hotel is one of the best hotels I have stayed in. Everything was perfect. All parts of the hotel were super clean. The variety & quality of the food in the restaurants was excellent. Large pool & fantastic water park. All staff were polite & friendly. The hotel spa was great & one of the reasons I will definitely return to this hotel is spa service. I would like to thank Tanya, she is the best therapist I have ever seen. Thanks to management & all the staff of this hotel. Good luck.


Sueno Deluxe is the best hotel in Belek! Compairing to the other hotels here around, it is really the one with the highest service quality! The rooms are comfortabel, luxury and very clean. The room view is perfect! The sea and the pools are so enjoyable, never saw a hotel complex with such huge pools. The summer concerts are the best!!!🥰


I think the reception is impeccable, we are very well taken care of by the staff. The rooms are spacious and comfortable. the infrastructure is splendid and spacious. Smiling and helpful staff’ thé alwyas help us.


Amazing design and location, but when it comes to staff- nobody speaks English. Not even the basics- Spoon, milk, etc. Not even most of the managers, guest relations and chef (wearing black jacket overlooking the buffets all day.) BUT Ali Can Tas at the pool bar. Who speaks better English that anybody in the whole estate- who we met in 10 days. Friendly, kind, and helpful. Any help, we had to ask for, he has been polite and did his best to make our honeymoon enjoyable while he was still giving the best service to everyone else. Hope to see you again Ali! •Housekeeping very good. •minibar: never been looked after until we complained. •food:good. •pizza chef:arrogant.

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