Titanic Mardan Palace General View

Titanic Mardan Palace

Titanic Mardan Palace is a phenomenal resort, maybe the most luxurious all-inclusive hotel in the Mediterranean. Designers reflected the unique architecture of Istanbul, The five acres of the lagoon-like pool represents the Bosphorus where Asia meets Europe on each side of one of the most important straits of the world. In the middle of the pools, you may enjoy “maiden tower” with a selection of a la carte restaurants and cafes.

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As one side of Istanbul strait is in Asia and the other side is in Europe The east wing of the hotel decorated oriental and west wing is modern.

When you enter the lobby which is the inspired by The Dolmabahce Palace you will be surprised with the iconic staircase, gigantic carpets and glass ceiling five stories above.

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4.5 out of 5 stars